Here’s Why You Need to Buy This Honda

Here’s Why You Need to Buy This Honda

Honda Civic and Honda Accord review. Here’s Why You Need to Buy This Honda, DIY and new car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Buying a Honda. Is the Honda worth it? Buying a new Honda. Buying a used Honda. Should I buy a Honda? Are Hondas reliable? The truth about new Honda cars. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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sarcastian says:

I bought the 1.5L turbocharged Civic in 2017, and it’s been amazing so far! It handles like a dream and has a lot of power! 3 years, 33,000 miles and no problems so far. It’s almost as fun as the Civic SI

Ronnie Sunsin says:

Did anybody else freak out when the camera shifted slightly on transitions?

shoDOHC says:

1998-2002 ACCORD 2.3 VTEC w 5 Speed manual 500k+

Mimosa Desiral says:

Great video

letsburnit on GTS says:

Scotty what do you think of the s2000

Anthony Falcon says:

Earth dream motor with a turbo.. dilution oil the non turbo dont have this problem but all have carbon build up.. cvt transmission are junk.. jayco junk.. and sold my honda because my 01 accord got better gas mileage then the 2015 or newer.. software patch still a joke.. on a full tank of fuel I get 400 plus mile at 80mph from sac to l.a. coast line.. the new one I have to fuel up before I cross over the grape vine..

Adam Jensen says:

Are we just going to avoid the fact that Scotty didn't say "rev up your engines?"

jesus sigala says:

Scotty if this video was made 2 years ago i would still have my 2016 civic ex with the 2.0, i traded my baby for a 19 civic si, was it a bad decision?

Edward Hongda says:

Hey Scotty, I'm looking to get a used Honda CRV. Which year and trim would you recommend?

DJD69 says:

We live our 2096 honda civic we live in ontario and it's a great car good on gas and a well built car a goid value for you money!

Marinus Antonius says:

No such thing as a 2 litre Civic in my country. Else I would have bought one.

Rogelio Murillo says:

My accord sport is almost at 110,000 miles 2015 running strong. Maintenance is a key factor to making your Honda last!

michael grimes says:

I’m looking at a 2015 si sedan any huge expensive issues? The car only has 50,000km

vinayak srivastava says:

Yup Honda Civic is best all other are toys basically

Shabuti R18 says:

So YOUR the reason theres so many LXs on the road. I feel like I have the only EX.

Spend the extra $2k and get the EX. Its worth it.

ZIN-URU * says:

Nice video scotty. My Honda accord 2005 222548 miles literally no problems. Best car I've ever had! Thanks man.

Mohammad was illiterate says:

Scotty Neighbors be like "Mom that crazy guy next door is standing in his driveway waving his hands at a car again"

ya hu says:

Hate the electronic parking brake.

nicholas foy. says:

it's a K20…..please say this next time. Sincerely….honda fan boy haha

T Rex says:

Real Americans buy American cars.

MCES LEX says:

158 horsepower on a Civic is a lot of power for that small car, getting to 100 mph is very easy.

Ma L says:

What about honda CRV AWD 2007 is it good car to buy

T. Johnny X says:

All the newer model sucks as it has ac problems and honda doesn't own up to it . It needs to have a recall to fix that issue. I will never buy another honda again.

Benjamin Carter says:

I drive this car, I love it. The torque is amazing on the cvt, it gets up to speed quickly in the city and gets 26.5 mpg in the city when driving faster. When I drive mostly on the freeway I average 38 mpg. The handling is very fun too, i put michelin pilot sport a/s 3+ on the front and cooper zeon rs3 g1 on the back. Put good tires on this car and its fun, too much fun. My biggest problem with this car is the cvt allows this car to get high fuel efficiency even at 90 miles an hour. I had trouble realizing I was pushing over 80 at times at night when the air was cold and got myself two speeding tickets in the bay area, now i use cruise control. My civic is bright blue. Overall this is a great car. Mine is at 98k.

TubesWidener says:

Hi, what is the code of both transmissions? (The older faulty and the newer corrected ones) thank you

dojmike says:

I have a 2014 Accord with a CVT. Did the Accords from 2014 & 2015 also have the CVT problem like the Civics did? I've had no trouble yet with 58,000 miles.

Januario 111 Torreon says:

Hey Scotty,I m confused about changing the oil, coz some say every 5,000 km. and you said 5,000 miles.

Frank Gonzalez says:

The only Honda I own is used to mow my lawn. And it sounds better than civics that have those fart can mufflers.

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