Head Gasket: How To Replace (Honda B-Series B17,B16,B18,B20)

Head Gasket: How To Replace (Honda B-Series B17,B16,B18,B20)

In this video I show you pretty much all the steps needed to do a head gasket repair just like a auto mechanic on a Honda B-Series. The engine in the video was a B18C1 Gsr. This applies to Honda B16,B17,18 & B20. This auto repair can be done right out of your own garage! Car mechanics can charger over $1500 for a job like this.
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Nthefastlane says:

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Juan Miguel Javier says:



How long does it take to replace the head gasket?

Please let me know.


Tyler The Hooligan says:

Should i use the copper spray on the felpros from autozone that claim to not need it?

Carlos Gastulo says:

how much torque do they need

Professional Email says:

Help any and all suggestions appreciated. https://youtu.be/-_TTMB1DDEU

cem akca says:

great video

the master mon says:

Badass work man your're good thanks for sharing I'm about yo do mine this help me alot

Nate Caley says:

Is it possible to put the timing belt back on the cams after doing just the head gasket?(just slipping belt of like you did, slip it back on?)

reitzg says:

At 29:38 you show a repair manual. For the life of me I can't find one for a 2001 Base Prelude. What were you using? I would like to buy a copy. Thanks

brotherjesus says:

Is it necessary to remove bottom belt pulley and timing cover to loosen timing tensioner pulley just to put timing belt back on or can I slip it back over the cam gears with a little leverage? Like say a couple of screwdrivers?

skinpounder666 says:

Where do you buy one of those Metal level's ? I can't find one anywhere

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