Fixing 20 Years Worth of Door Dings & Dents | Honda Civic Paintless Dent Repair

Fixing 20 Years Worth of Door Dings & Dents | Honda Civic Paintless Dent Repair

The Budget Honda Civic Build gets the more “budget friendly” option for fixing 20 Years worth door dings and dents on the exterior of the car! Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an amazing alternative to paintwork and permanently fixes car dings without going to a body shop. Ultimately making the CLEANER!

Am I crazy for getting paintless dent repair done on my daily Honda Civic project car? Absolutely! However, it was only a matter of time before the insane amount of car dents and door dings began to bother me. In today’s video I introduce you to Eric of Car Medic and show you how a trained professional can permanently remove car dents, door dings, shopping kart dents, and more using PDR. Paintless Dent Repair is still a rather mysterious alternative to fixing dent damage on a vehicle, and thanks to Eric we get to shine some light on it!

Eric has been my go-to guy for dent repair for close to 5 years now. He explains how PDR works and how trained technicians in their industry can manipulate the backside of a dent to fix it or make it MUCH less noticeable. While I couldn’t film everything, this should give everyone a good idea of how paintless dent repair works and why it could be a cheaper alternative to paintwork for some people.

I truly think removing dents and dings from a car can make the BIGGEST difference on par with a properly polished car. Yes, door dings DO happen, but it’s nice to know that they can be fixed. We weren’t going for perfect on my Honda Civic project, but Eric did remove a majrity of dents and door dings on my rear quarter panels.

You can check out more about PDR and Car Medic at the site below!



Muhammad Shaharyar says:

Anthony you should use tire shines…

vaping Ricer says:

Hope these guys expand into Canada sometime.

Oh Yeah yeah says:

I found a nice used 1997 civic but it has 261,000 miles should I still buy it?

Zone B says:

I don't really care what the value of my car is whenever I try to make it better, if it's cheap or not that cheap I'm not even thinking on the value of my car, if I have money I'll do whatever it needs to be done.

John Ramirez says:

Are you getting blackout headlight the front ones ? But this is a nice kept honda lol

Frankie Perez says:

Hey Anthony,..or who ever reads this ,I see your radio dash is a doubled in hook up,can I use that same frame set up in a 98 civic ex coupe..? Please let me know bro,would be a big help..

Maurice Lapointe says:

Hello Anthony, wow very good job by the company carmedic. Very nice honda civic red. Thanks for video my frend. Excuse my english me french canadian. Good day.

Ugh I forgot my name says:

Did you remove that exhaust

njssa says:

how many miles?

adidas1984x says:

Window tint ASAP

30kendel says:

Anthony where did you buy your front lip?
Is it a type-R lip?

damian serna says:

how much money have you put into the civic all together??

Thomas Tevis says:

Awesome videos

Genevo9 says:

Another amazing vid bro! I wish you put this video out years earlier haha ended shelling out 10K on a full paint job on my Evo to get rid of all the dents lol! Keep it up the great work bro!

Elijah Williamson says:

Nobody: …
No one at all: …
Not one soul: …
Anthony: DEATH DING!

Alexander Mendoza says:

Was this a way before video before u put the exhaust??

G Davis says:

Impressive results.The techs that do this are truly craftsmen. On a side note, do you know if he’s available for children’s parties?

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