Easy Upgrade Fix for Broken Radio – 2004 Honda Accord – 10" Touchscreen!

Easy Upgrade Fix for Broken Radio – 2004 Honda Accord – 10" Touchscreen!

https://amzn.to/3V6nOT7 – (Link) Android Radio for 2003-2007 Honda Accord.

Problem Description: The original OEM radio stopped working in my 2004 Honda Accord. All of the lights and knobs worked, there is just no sound! Apparently, this is a very common problem due to failing solder joints on the old radio motherboard. Rather than mess around with trying to repair a 19-year-old radio, I opted to replace it with a 10-inch Android touchscreen.

I must admit, this thing is pretty awesome!

Bluetooth, Hands-Free Calling, AM/FM Radio, YouTube, Chrome, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Store (basically install any Android App you want), plug for a back-up camera, AUX inputs for amp/subwoofer, can interface with OBD2 Bluetooth dongle for vehicle performance statistics, etc…

I’ve gotten some questions on the available connections. On the pigtail of wires coming out the back of the radio, there are a total of 10 wires:
8 RCA-type connectors labeled:
There is an 1/8″ female connector labeled “MIC”.
And a wire labeled “AMP CONT” with no connector.

UPDATE: The latest version of this radio now supports CarPlay and Android Auto!

I was worried because on the original Honda radio, the climate knobs are all integrated into the radio itself, so would I lose control of the fan speed, heat and AC?

But I didn’t have to worry, this unit has climate control fully integrated (physical knobs and buttons – which I like for quick access) underneath the touchscreen. You can control them through the knobs OR the climate screen interface on the touchscreen.

If you have a broken radio in your Accord, I recommend replacing it with one of these; it makes a 17-year-old car seem modern again.

The first Android radio I installed was from Ezonetronics:
https://amzn.to/3tXq1nx – Ezonetronics Android Radio (note – only works on dual-climate control vehicles)

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Practical Mechanic says:

Android Radio – https://amzn.to/3V6nOT7
This radio has 4GB of RAM, giving it a quicker, smother response.
Thanks for watching my video!

Osca says:

I know this video is old but I recently bought a radio like this to change on my Honda accord 2004 but my old radio had 3 plugs instead of 2 like yours and I’ve connected each plug correctly but can’t get ac to work but the heat works any suggestions or help you might have?

Bradford10KalEl says:

Great video I didnt need sub titles!

Ishamu Mubi says:

How much Kuwait

Almighty Ken says:

Did you have to input a code? If not I still have to input my radio code

Neil Gerardi says:

hey quick question – when installing the new radio, are you still able to use the steering controls / buttons?

NPC Cali says:

So there’s just one RCA for the sub?

PINTO2O2O says:

how in the world did you find one with everything for your model car, I can never find one that just replaced my stock knobs for everything else like you did for my 2008 Nissan maxima

N benthungo Tsopoe says:

Show how to replace the same for tata nexon

jpnguyen11 says:

You can also run the usb ports to the arm rest storage, not hard to do. They make usb adapters that you can replace the existing 12v, but I chose to just drill a new hole on my 03 accord.

Cynthia Neonight says:

Yes, pry up the ashtray that has labeled "Not an ashtray" XD

Woodshed Moments says:

Honda drivers are the number one worst driver on the road, period… there isn’t even a close second, these deluxe morons do not need any more distractions behind the wheel on the road.

Duc Viet Hoang says:

I’ve got a pre installed reversing camera, would this unit be able to connect to that?

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