DIY Rust Repair – Lasts Longer Than Bondo!

DIY Rust Repair – Lasts Longer Than Bondo!

Welp.. today we wanted to install the wide fenders, but we found some rust.. SO we are going to repair it properly instead of using more bondo! This will definitely last longer than bondo as far as a DIY Rust Repair!

Downforce on a FWD:


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Tv Bryan says:

My neighbor has 2 fans in his shop but they don’t have filters on them but they do work great for ventilation

Jay Ram99 says:

one thing did you unplug the battery

weewoo god says:

hemi swap the 240 or an engine from a volkswagen vr6

Jonathan Quinones says:

Don’t you got to cut all that of for the kit ?

Jonathan Quinones says:

Just get some new fenders man there like 30 bucks

Mew445 says:

Civic Squad

subaruracer919 says:

why are you are using a 2×2 metal plate you can buy weld in pieces for the rear fenders they here in the netherlands 55 euros

Bailey Bakers Fishing says:

Should weld tabs onto the dips and pull them out with pliers and then just snap the tab off

Eric Byrd says:

I wish I had a friend like Emerson

Cole Lamberson says:

When you weld sheet metal you have to tack it on one side then move to the other dont do beeds just keep tacking back and forth then grind it down and it wont warp

Sinc Collide says:

you could use a welding air contorl arm thats what i used in welding class. use this . Then get a square vent for the hole in your wall (:

Justin B says:

I had the dust problem what I did was ran ducting down outside after the window threw a watter bath for a filter it works grate and no dust outside all the cleanup is cleen the top of the water after each job

Dylan Arnold says:

an exhaust fan yes

Methaclock says:

Fuck what you guys are talking about with his car , what flavor Cheetos were those?

fatboifpv says:

Have to tack welder it can run a bead or it will make wavy like it is. Love the channel cant wait see next build and a 1j 240

nick basualdo says:

why hasnt bondo sponsored you yet?!?!

Jace Lawton says:

@3:40 check out chris from Bisforbuild. He did that to his paint booth/garage

Jordan Tucker says:

Come to Newfoundland

Of Mice And Stu-Stu-Stu says:

I have 1 main (36 inch) and 2 secondary (12 inch) fans. If you can install a 120v outlet in a new spot, you can install that fan. I don't have filters. I've never seen things flying out the back either

GermanJunk401 says:

Rubber mallet that dent out….

GermanJunk401 says:

Why steel? So heavy should have used sheet metal….

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