DIY: How to: Replace a non working 1999 Honda Accord climate control panel

DIY: How to: Replace a non working 1999 Honda Accord climate control panel

The climate control panel on my 1999 Honda Accord (4cylinder) went out. I put 4 cylinder because the 6 cylinder has a display.

When the climate control panel went out it was set on defrost at medium so it was blowing hot air even if you had the air off. All the buttons and led lights were out.There’s nothing you can do to it. You can’t turn it off. Hard to drive it in the summer because it’s blowing out hot air.Even if you open up all the windows it’s still too hot. In the winter the hot air would fogged up the inside because the defroster doesn’t work. if you open the widows the cool air would make it worst. while it’s raining, you have to open the window and wipe the inside with paper towels and the interior would get really wet.

This was the only solution. You can purchase the climate control panel from Ebay or other sites but if you can…it would be much cheaper just to go to your local car dismantler. It takes less than 10 minutes to take everything apart and put it back together.



shanlon76 says:

Thank you for posting this. I followed it and it worked great. much appreciated!

Alejandro LT says:

Where can I find one? Helpppp

MillCityChris says:

Damn! Do I have to buy them whole big piece or is there a way to just take that little panel off from behind

felipe vivas says:

No mames paisa ese carro te lo robaste

Sentel Bolton says:

Great video bro those things are expensive tho

Daniella Pajak says:

Thank you that was great! Dude from NJ

Christopher Leslie says:

I just installed my a/c control panel on Tuesday, and your video was very helpful. THANKS MAN!

Jessi Soto says:

Thanks for this bro. I have a 2000 honda accord lx, and it was the same issue. Unfortunately it cost me $100 from my local junkyard. It was that or either a rebuilt one for $250…. it seems to work well, hopefully it stays like that.

Fatelvis2 says:

my climate control lights dont come on but the fan only works sometimes any idea ?

Randall Taylor says:

Theres an easy fix to these expensive panel that doesnt cost anything. Look up the jumper wire fix. It works! Saved me a bundle

Jason Reyes says:

This happened to my 1999 Honda Civic

Christopher Leslie says:

You are AWESOME!

Samuel Morales says:

Over here in Connecticut that part costs over $75 in a junkyard!

Samuel Morales says:

That's exactly what's going on with mine

silentchaosification says:

Just got one, about to replace it. I hope it works and i hope the guy gave me a good 1

Angie Boyle says:

great video! thanks for posting as I have the exact same problem on my 2000 accord and was quoted $500 to replace it with a new panel or $200 for a used panel.

Morad Eghbal says:

Thanks for the video . Just a question, how can I change the light bulbs that light up the two knobs (temperature and air flow pressure level)? Thanks.

MarlonTheBear94 says:

I have 2001 Honda Accord DX my control panel doesn't have the a/c button can I still buy a control panel with an a/c button and later install the whole a/c system ??I don't know much about cars

John-Paul Martin says:

Thanks to your video I successfully installed a new climate control on my 99 Accord. Thanks man!

ddk80 says:

Great vid! BTW I was able to remove the clock using my fingers, but then again, I'm a meat head. Also, save the bulbs from your old climate control unit and clock.

SevenSwordsExia says:

We just replaced the climate control panel in my mom's Honda Accord with the help of this video! Great job! Thanks, man!

dafni vrionis says:

thanks so much!!! i did it!! all by myself!!

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