DIY Honda Civic Wheel Stud replacement

DIY Honda Civic Wheel Stud replacement

Today i show you how to replace a wheel stud if you ever snapped one off! And as you can see in this video i clearly snapped a wheel stud off ๐Ÿ™ but no worrys after watching this video youll be able to replace yours too! hope you enjoy the video dont forget to like and subscribe for more future content!



Brian Robles says:

Great hammer of Thor lol

billplatinum6 says:

Put anti seize on the screws that hold the rotors on!!

David Silsby says:

How much did those lug nuts cost you? they look so cool!!!!

demis samsonidis says:

Very good work ! Thank you very much !

Reaper Actual says:

DO NOT screw a nut on to pull the stud through. I made the mistake of doing it and now i can't get the damn thing back off. The entire stud just spins and spins

Zr Rz says:

Give that doggo a ratchet too

Julian Rodriguez says:

Thank man… This help so much, I thought I was going to have to replace the entire Hub

agent00chimp says:

Great video! Feel like I wanted to see the tightening of the new stud/bolt more. That's the part I'm most worried about.

Also, how well does it drive now? Smoother than when the stud was broken?

frank Zmonster says:

Thanks for the informative video brother. This helped me a lot.

Derek James says:

Thanks for the upload. Just had to change two on a '99. But I really didn't have the clearance like there is on yours to remove and install em. I had to finagle em in. Also, it would've been really good if you said to remove the bolts for the "caliper bracket". Not the caliper bolts. I know you said 17mm but still. Remove bolts holding on the caliper bracket and the caliper will come off with it.

Mila Milo says:

daddy can you post a video of your smelly feet plzzz

Chad says:

Dude, thanks for the vid but one thing: is one of your dogs resting under the car while it is only supported by a hydraulic jack? Be careful FFS! ๐Ÿ™‚

vpsaline says:

how much would one stud cost to replace on a rear drum?

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