2006+ Honda A/C not working? “HOW TO” EASY FIX!!

2006+ Honda A/C not working? “HOW TO” EASY FIX!!

In this video I explain what the problem could be, how to diagnosis, how to fix it, and the new part you will need. The air conditioning on this 2009 Civic started to not blow cold anymore, with this easy fix it was back to blowing cold in less than 5 mins!

Old part #: 39794-SDA-A03
New/Updated part #: 39794-SDA-A05

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Spencer's Garage says:

Thanks everybody for the support. Please like the video!

Rick Brenner says:

Hey dude, thanks for saving me a trip to the shop and who knows how much moola! Worked for me!

Mike Daugherty says:

Fixed our 2005 Accord today by replacing that relay.

Jordany Echavarria says:

Foes it matter if you disconnect the battery cuz i dont wanna get shocked

Cuteamarillo says:

Great job man , you just save me a tons of money from those vampires , also call dealers

tpcs says:

Everyone, adding to Spencer's possible proof in this video. Using a laser infrared temp gun pointed at the a/c vents in the car when he says it's fixed and holding the button in that gun for at least 7 seconds showing the low/cold temps is a flawless way to so proof. I'm not saying you didn't succeed Spencer, but it's something to think about. Cheers.

Kien Nguyen says:

Just fixed my AC by follow your instruction. Same issue on my car. Thank you!

Gilbert Escobedo says:

B4 you installed the new relay was the ac light coming on still ?

Dan Brown says:

my 2008 civic ac works great until I hit traffic then the clutch won't engage? faulty thermal protect switch on the compressor? once out of traffic under bonnet temps drop and ac will re start. replaced relay, fully gassed and oiled. clutch fine except when you really need it.

Zack Sause says:

Easy Fix for my 2006 Accord. Thanks very much


Hey Brother.  I just had the same problem with my 2009 CRV.  Cold air not blowing.  Followed your video, changed it out for $6.19.  Cold air!!!  You the man!  Thanks for saving me the big bucks!

WazamRiteUpDaGiggity says:

Thank you so much, I’ve been wondering about this for months already!

Donna Lam says:

Thank you so much for showing AC fixed . Would you do a video for the major tunes up of 2009 Honda Civic ? If you can do it . That is so wonderful.

Marina Pacis says:

How do we fix our honda city a/c? The control knob isnt functioning. When we turn it on nothing comes out. Freon and coolant are ok. The blower is ok too we tested it manually. Pls help.

Cleveland Roberts says:

dude life saver had my car only a year maybe a little over now just came accross your video your the only one who did it clearly so my ac only worked the first 3 months i had it thin stoped so tonight i finily did what u said and it works time to order the part. thank u so much saved me alot of money

Keith Sims says:

Thanks a million for taking time to help us save some money. Much appreciated!

rod kruise says:

Just be cautious which relay you're pulling off to try.
The back relay controls the RADIATOR FAN (15) but
the front relay is the ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROL 
SYSTEM (14)….and you don't want to do that unless you find
it attractive seeing an ENGINE DASHBOARD ICON when you
start the engine to see if it work with the AC Compressor.

Tami Jo says:

how do i know which relay switch is the one for the ac?

PUMA R says:

Hopefully this is what is wrong with my 2011 honda civic. At first it was blowing cold air then it stop.

G Morman says:

Dude you saved me some money! Thanks.

Evie Pickett says:

I was in somewhat of a wreck yesterday, well it wasn't somewhat I spun out and landed in a ditch. Anyway, the car is driving so seemed to be cosmetic damage mainly BUT now the AC isn't blowing as cold as it was. Would the relay possibly be the problem? The damage to the car was the front passenger side but the windshield wiper fluid compartment wasn't even damaged but looking at your video that is the side the compressor is on. Any advice would be great. I have definitely saved this link for when I get home from work. Thanks in advance!

Nolberto Aguirre says:

I tried this by switching the relays but is still wouldn't turn… does that mean the ac compressor needs to be fixed?

peaman2424 says:

Thank you, thank you!!!

Ant3000 says:

Thank you very much, just fixed mine in Dallas, TX

Jeremy Dang says:

This is help me a lot. Thank you so much!

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