▶️Transmission & Clutch: How To Replace (Honda Civic,Integra,Gsr B18C)⚙️🔧

▶️Transmission & Clutch: How To Replace (Honda Civic,Integra,Gsr B18C)⚙️🔧

▶️Transmission & Clutch: How To Replace (Honda Civic,Integra,Gsr B18C)⚙️🔧. In this video I show you how to completely uninstall/install your transmission,clutch,pressure plate,pilot bearing and throw out bearing.This applies to Honda Civic & Acura Integra.The engine in this video Is a b18c1 Integra Gsr and the chassis is a 98 Civic EX EJ8. A automotive service technician at your local auto repair garage would charge you upwards of $1,062!! Don’t hire a car mechanic, do it yourself with my free transmission replacement how to video guide. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.This repair video is compatible with B16,B17,B18 & B20 Engines. Honda Civic 99-00 and Integra 92-00. Need Honda Torque Specs?? DOWNLOAD my free Torque Specs App for Android Here: http://tinyurl.com/maavnm9

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Nthefastlane says:

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Frank Skully says:

Hey I had a question, so my integra transmission recently started slipping and I don’t really know what the problem is, I recently just changed the clutch cylinder and slave cylinder and so I’m not sure if my clutch is going out or something

Budget Track Junkie says:

Love the homemade transmission jack! That's handy…and nice work!

Stephen Gaitan says:

Are the flywheel bolts and and the transmission bolts are the same for a b20b?

Mark Hingst says:

Anyone know what the intake is that's he's running, looks sick

Anthony Artigue says:

This dude doesn't locktite the 12 point bolts on his clutch lmfao. Why not just take 5 minutes and use locktite so the fly wheel doesn't loosen and grenade your trans and engine. Do not listen to his advice. Torque specs are there for a reason. Especially for a rotating assembly.

Mark Warren says:

What is that blue plug on the very left of the screen @33:09? Got it hanging on my car-don't know what it is used for if anything.

Andy Aleman-Alvarez says:

Or just like the special tools like the “must have”

Andy Aleman-Alvarez says:

Dope video. Can you include tool list next time?

Matt Teacher says:

Oh no!!! Mine is Honda Civic DX Coupe '97. Will there be a big difference?

Bal Loney says:

geese! I don't think I can clown what you did!

Justin B says:

I will be coll if you add the c series engine torque and the g series torque specifications

isaac valadez says:

Once the pressure plate is on should the clutch move freely or no?

Nada Yo says:

my torque wrench is inch pounds, how much should i put it at for the flywheel?

ICheeseIT _ says:

Does this work with a D series as well?

Last Life says:

On the passenger transmission mount the two studs that are bolted into the transmission, when I attempted to remove the nuts that thread into these studs, the studs came out together with the nuts due to corrosion. Do you have any tips on how to separate the two? I attempted to use vise grips with the teeth wrapped in electric tape to hold onto the threaded stud and a wrench on the nut but that didn't work too well. Thank you.

Nelly Sagastume says:

Una pregunta bolillo cuanto masomenos sale un trabajo así

Peter Billias says:

I have a b18 bottom with a b16 that I have turbo’d and I can’t get it to stay cool. When running at idle it’s fine but as soon as I go into boost it starts creeping. It looks like you have a very similar setup to mine. Do you ever have problems?

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

U took 3 second to align and re-install the transmission. While I took 5 hours trying to get that done.

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