▶️Condenser Fan: How To Replace (Honda Civic 92-00)🔧❄️

▶️Condenser Fan: How To Replace (Honda Civic 92-00)🔧❄️

▶️Condenser Fan: How To Replace (Honda Civic 92-00)🔧.How to properly diagnose & replace the condenser fan – ac fan on a 92-00 Honda Civic. Don’t send your vehicle off to the local auto repair shop, car mechanics will charge you upwards of $300.00. Save yourself time and money by following my detailed diy auto repair video to get the job done.

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Nthefastlane says:

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Intruzion P says:

Bolt holds, thought you said butt holes lol

TR FD says:

Drop the fan below the car and save yourself some time. What he did works too but seems it's quite a few more steps vs dropping the fan under the car.

Firstname Lastname says:

Dropped the fan down rather than up. Was easier (to me) to remove and reinstall the spash guard underneath rather than a total evac and refill of ac. 4 bolts and 4 screw/pins were easy to remove/reinstall. Done in an hour, including a shot af freon.

hesham fouad says:

thanks my fan work but not fast as before and it is not stiff should i check the relay i ask mechanic he said relay dont get weak they just work or not working is it true

El Reyy says:

I have a 1997 civic the condensor speed is slow compare to the coolant fan ..when I check the pressure is high and I had left it on the middle lastime I add Freon

Mohan Krishna says:

Hi, condenser fan fuse 20A of my 99 civic was blowing often and when I replace it, the condenser clutch is starting and stoping frequently. Ac is not working. Please help me. Thank you.

ronnie cason says:

i have a possibly really dumb question i was in a small front end collision last summer and since then apparently my condenser fan got bent and i need to replace it. heres the dumb question i dont have all the push pins since i dont have a grill any more and its only the 2 screwes on either inner fender adn the 10mm bold on the bottom to take my front bumper off would that make it easy enough so that i would have to decharge my a/c system to change the fans ?

ATLionBK says:

my fan is loose. when it falls down about an inch, i have to pull it up into the metal piece where the 2 rubber gromets go. Any reason why it comes loose?

ilike56K says:

This helps a lot. I've actually got the exact same Civic, except a it's a sedan. I wish there was a way to do this without disconnecting the refrigerant lines.

d2k em2 says:

can a 2005 honda civic lx manual transmission be used in an 2005 honda civic ex vtec because im concerned about the fact that the lx is non-vtec and the hp on the lx is 12hp less than then the ex. lx =115 ex=127. would the lx tranny be weaker? since the ex tranny can handle somewhat more power? and is it possible to rebuild the lx tranny to the ex specs and use high performance parts if there is any because i want to make my transmission secure. thanks!!

tubejim101 says:

When I saw that d16y7 exhaust, I was thinking it was going to have a crack in the exhaust manifold. Was surprised to see it has a d16y8 intake. Great video.

bighurk30 says:

good job buddy good information

guitarplayer2724 says:

damn you got buff lol

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