Rear leaf springs – Remove & Replace GMC

Rear leaf springs – Remove & Replace GMC

GMC with a saggy rear? THIS IS NOT A HOW TO VIDEO!!
Follow along as we take you through the process I used to remove & replace the rear springs.
Here in the rust belt its almost guaranteed that the bolts will be rusted fast in the bushings!!!! this can be a nightmare to say the least! but somehow we managed to power though. Remember This is not A how to video!!!!!
hope you enjoy



Mark Wolf says:

Sawzall Reciprocating Saw is your friend. Easier cut only the bolts not everything else with a skinny blade then it is a chunky angle grinder with a cut off wheel. Less sparks too.

earl baymonearl says:

Reciprocating saw with metal blade would probably be better than that grinder.

Dean Hauser says:

Next time have the lady wear a pair of gloves as you did

Gunther Hoffman says:

Going thru the same thing with my 88, nothing but rust

Tim S says:

Thanks for making this great video, and good job using a still camera. I ended up cutting all my bolts off using a 4” and a 6” cutting wheel on an air grinder. Reinstallation was simple. I used brand new U bolts from Husky Springs and bought my leaf springs online from General Spring. On the 2000 Yukon Denali I removed the gas tank straps while keeping the gas tank elevated with a floor jack, I lowered the tank down and pushed it towards the passenger side just enough to slide the bolt in. Once the bolt is in you can slide a 20mm wrench up to hold it tight while you turn the nut on. Thanks again!

Isaac Hough says:

Robinsonauto I have a 2000 Chevy blazer 4×4 and i just bought it 143k on it and i went to get an alignment and the mechanic told me that the back end is "dog tailing" being pulled one way basically, and because of that he couldnt get my steering wheel straight otherwise itd pull so its a little off center so it doesnt pull but if im going 70 around a curve with bumps my back end tries to whip it, i can never afford for a mechanic to do my work so i am my mechanic, i just replaced all the shocks, and i replaced the front driver and passenger inner and outer tie rods, control arms, ball joints, pitman and idler arm, and stabilizer end links. So i think i can manage to do this by watching this video, BUT my MAIN question and concern if anyone could help me is that is the leaf springs what i need? Cuz the mechanic said it could be a few things but i dont remember what he said. I remember when i did my shocks i did see one of the leaves were completely out of place and i had to hammer it in straight haha, so thats why i think it is? But i have no idea? And so id need to replace the ubolts and bushings too? Is that all?

Nunya Bidness says:

How many miles on the springs? And what tell tale signs were that they were bad?

Wonderdust says:

Sawzall with a hack saw blade might be alright to cut the front bolts, with no sparks.

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