How To Replace The Notorious Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon Wheel Bearing

How To Replace The Notorious Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon Wheel Bearing

Mike is a bonafide pro at wheel bearing replacement (4th time this year)
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2004-2008 GMC Canyon / Chevy Colorado wheel bearings are a notorious issue and Mike has the ‘Chevrolet official’ solution to save you time and money replacing it every time. Torque specs, tools you need, and how to do it cheap!

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Ásgeir Ásgeirsson says:

Kill it now, kill it with fire! These vehicles have no business getting such luxury treatment. There is not a single redeeming feature on this whole car that excuses its existence. But that's maybe why it was $500


that underhood light tho!

DeathHead1358 says:

$250 for a damn wheel bearing? I put new pads, rotors, and bearings on both sides of the front on my 1997 Chevy C1500 for half that much.

AndreS123_03 says:

The more I see about the Colorado, the more I plan to stay away.

Derrick Moyer says:

chassis is isuzu design not GM is the problem. All relatives of the isuzu trooper which most the frames cracked in half. Ask me if i want a isuzu designed duramax… F noo

CS says:

For fuck sakes get some jack stands! You have as much common sense as you do hair.


New wheel bearing on ebay for this is $33 with the abs sensor and everything.


Lmfao i just did this today On my 05 LS swapped colorado. Halarious coincidence

Werewolf486 says:

Behind every train wreck is an engineer!!


Typical Shitvrolet

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