How to Replace Pitman Arm 1988-02 GMC Sierra 1500

How to Replace Pitman Arm 1988-02 GMC Sierra 1500

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A bad pitman arm can cause poor steering response, wandering, pulling and uneven tire wear. It can also be dangerous. This video shows you how to install a new pitman arm on your 1988-2002 GMC K1500.

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Panther Platform says:

Ain't no way in hell I'm going to even attempt to remove the power steering gearbox.

Vincent N says:

Thank you for your video.

Tom Harless says:

Thank you . I’m doing this on my 95 k1500 in the next few weeks . Great video .

easy rider says:

Thanks bro very helpful on my 92 k15. Props for being able to hold the steering box up there with one hand. I'm only 165lbs so not quite so easy, especially on the ground. LMAO

Luke Hammer says:

Looks like a pain in the ass

DIY DoItYourself Luxury says:

I bought a TRQ set for my truck, I'm trying to get the damn pitman are off with the pickle fork but it's not separating. Any tips or trick to get the old pitman arm off?

Trent Pagani says:

Great video! And that grunt when the power steering line broke loose made me laugh haha. Too relatable

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