How to Replace Front Sway Bar 1988-02 GMC Sierra 1500

How to Replace Front Sway Bar 1988-02 GMC Sierra 1500

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When your sway bar has rusted or bent to the point of causing problems with your suspension, steering, or alignment, you’ll need to replace it, and likely the links and bushings as well. This video shows you how to install an entire kit of sway bar, sway bar links, and sway bar bushings with brackets on your 1988-2002 GMC K1500.

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Joseph D'Angelo says:

Well it definitely helps having air tools and being on a lift. You know I am disabled so I did one side first and let me tell you I think it would be easier just to drop both sides in the whole bar first like you did I still have to do the other side so I'm going to take the one side loose again and I have some welding to do on the frame on the driver side because the bolt had rotted through on the big bushing clamps so I will have to weld in some new metal with a nut on the back side. Nice job man

Erik Myers says:

Why would you need to replace the sway bar? bent or rusted?

I asked this before watching the video, is that truck up for a whole front end replacement? soo much rust…

Justin Martinez says:

surprised it didnt fall apart more taking off those bolts and bushings

Jim Ervin says:

That job was done on a 3/4 ton four wheel drive, not a 1500 1/2 ton.

Baron Von Chevrolet says:

Made that look so easy. I think its the same set up as my 1993 K1500

BASS Ackwards says:

Hey dumbass! Use a saws all

tedlyb says:

Swapping out the sway bar on my Suburban now and I'm having a hell of a time getting the mounts to go in place. Thanks for the illustration that I'm on the right track!

brappp life says:

Holy crap what a rust bucket

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