How to Replace Distributor 1988-02 GMC Sierra 1500

How to Replace Distributor 1988-02 GMC Sierra 1500

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The distributor is responsible for engine cylinders firing in the correct order, and at the correct time. If yours is worn, damaged or has other problems, you can replace it. This video shows you how to install a new distributor in your 1988-2002 GMC K1500.

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666danman666 says:

good job bud you showed what needed to be done and not a bunch of extra talking about nothing…. this helped a lot thanks

Joseph Tafolla says:

I like cars more than I know about them. what good comes out of changing this part?

tony cotta says:

Great Video but you must remember that the oil shaft may be in the wrong place because all the distributors are not the same and a lot of people do not have the shaft turning tool you may be able to set the shaft down in the block at top dead center and slowly rotate crank and it should drop in to place on oil drive shaft it won't take out of time then adjust the distributor after ran.

stevie Flax says:

Would rpm jumping around when first starting up cold and low rpm causing it to die after reaching operating temperature, be the pick up coil in the distributor ?

Jesse Rousseau says:

This is not how it's done on my 98 5.7

John Pangelinan says:

So, after removing the #1 Spark plug and setting it on compression stroke. are you suppose to set the crank pulley up with the 0 degree mark? thanks

ESTE Productions says:

Distribuidor de GMC 2000

Jess says:

When checking the timing with a light afterwards, is The notch on the pully supposed to line up with the mark on the block?

alwaysfaded23 says:

I changed just the cap and rotor and the truck didn't turn on after. Also did spark plugs and wires gas was in the sparkplugs. A few of them. I still continued. Followed 1 by 1. Rotor was place the same way it came off. Any thoughts?

Joseph Roy says:

Eveything was goin good..till i wemt to start it up n now it wont crank

Scott Davenport says:

Very nicely done. Thank you!

charles morris says:

Great tutorial.

Brick Morris says:

I found this video very informative, my veeercoil is running great now!

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