How to replace an inside door handle – Yukon / Tahoe / Silverado / Suburban / Sierra 1995-2002

How to replace an inside door handle – Yukon / Tahoe / Silverado / Suburban / Sierra 1995-2002

Replacing a broken interior door handle on my 1999 Yukon. Same for all 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 GM Trucks. Chevy Silverado, Suburban & Tahoe. GMC Sierra & Yukon.

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Nicholas Blanco says:

Thank you sir!

colinh1989 Hovey says:

Im changing mine today. No more chivalry for my passengers. And no more abduction jokes about my whip

vince castillo says:

Can any one give me a good website for after market parts for chevy tahoe

erik fredricks says:

Thanks for the walk through, my family is very happy they don't have to roll down the window to get out anymore! Hahaha

Jose Palomo says:

Can't wait to try it on my Tahoe Limited!

Mc Nobody says:

Yea,you said it,Dan,the man,lol Definitely invetible replacement on these cheap handles,had the same issues & others on inner & outter door on my 99' Tahoe, that I'm looking to sell, so for now,I have no handles in both rear doors just open to pull the rod directly so now that I'm working on restarting it & selling,I wanna replace & I actually find them real cheap on as low as $5.50 each for those labeled fronts, though many others slightly more costly are labeled front or back & judging by looks alone & very similar part#'s I just wanna know if the fronts & backs are definitely interchangable. They sure seem to be & I want to save money,why not,just order the fronts at $5.50 each & throw them in back & sell it asap,after a few other minor things. Any idea if they for sure would be interchangeable from front to back? I"d like a 2nd opinion. I guess I could call the dealership too asap.

Gunner Ginn says:

dude, thank you for making this video. I just purchased a yukon like a month and a half ago and my rear passenger handle was completely gone. it seems so easy now

stephen jester says:

The redneck way??? That fucking ingenious! Thanks for the tips…our handle is screwed too..99 burb

James says:

Yah did a lot and I've got the change to about 20 minutes

James says:

Very helpful video used it twice now just want to say thanks for the post bud!

Джерар says:

Thnx! i'll try to did it at the evening.

Aaron Taylor says:

Thank you for taking the time to film and describe what you did in this video. Not only did I watch your first video last year and bend my connecting rods as you did, but I am now replacing my door handle on the driver's side – passenger side was replaced a few months ago. Also I am about to replace the little plastic pop-out knob that turns on the dome light when the door opens. Your video gave me the confidence to do so. Thank you so much!

Edwin Aleman says:

thank you, blessings

Edwin Aleman says:

hey nice video I was wondering where do I go to get this part thanks

Ed Gallop says:

Me again…  Thought I'd let you know what I did that may prevent handle breakage. I applied epoxy 5 minute epoxy to fill the inside groove entirely. I am certain it will not break as quickly. The rivet was replaced by who ever had the Suburban before so you are correct in saying his is a common problem. Thanks for your video. It helped.

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