How to Replace 2004 GMC ENVOY SPARK PLUGS

How to Replace 2004 GMC ENVOY SPARK PLUGS

Hey folks! Welcome to the channel. In this video I show how to replace 2004 GMC Envoy spark plugs. I am using AC DELCO 41-103 spark plugs for this job. Be sure to leave a comment and hit the thumbs up!

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ACDelco 41-103 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (6 Pack)

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Kevin Nadeau says:

Thanks for stopping by the channel, I hope this video is helpful. Let me know what spark plugs you use in the comments below. Check out my other videos linked in the description above.

tukamoton1312 says:

"Who you talking to?"
ignores child for sake of video

David King says:

I think its neat to be able to tool around on this vehicle to make improvements and when you do seems to improve fuel mileage and performance.

David King says:

Your welcome.

David King says:

Kevin are you still driving your envoye.

David King says:

Thank you I subscribed you enjoyed video

David King says:

Thank you,very much for sharing i have a pewter 2003 envoye, i paid cash for it has 247,000 miles on it.i drive 2 hrs day to work and back.thanks i was wondering to change plugs , my valve cover is leaking just alittle bit and the dealer pointed it out.but seems like good vehicles, i put synthetic oil in it and helped a bunch.

ev dallas says:

How hard is that back plug you didn't show that one

Victor Hagan says:

Great video. I checked getting a check service engine light on my vehicle. I took it to Advance Auto to diagnosis the problem. Initially, they got a P0300 error code. So I took it to a local repair shop and had them put it on their machine. They diagnosed a misfire on spare plug number 5. I was able to use your video to fix the problem. Which saved me a few hundred dollars.

Jose F. Godina says:

Pretty easy to follow directions. Thank you. Got it done on my 2005 GMC Envoy.

solly773 says:

I broke the last spark plug on top been trynna get it out for the last 3 days any recommendations on tool to get it out?

phil asselstine says:

i have same truck with same motor but i put the ac delco platinum plugs in well that make any dfiferance just woundering cause i still have the same miss as before i changed them and have the 300 code and the 306 code

Mario Castillo says:

Can you tell me . How replace map sensor on 2004 gmc envoy xl

juan contreras says:

Great video very straightforward! How long are the extensions you use? The ones I have don’t fit at all

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