How to install the lifters,head gasket,head torque specs on gmc Sierra or Chevy Silverado 2012-2018

How to install the lifters,head gasket,head torque specs on gmc Sierra or Chevy Silverado 2012-2018

Installing the newLifters on the 2015 gmc Sierra

Head bolts torque specs!

Here is some useful links for tools that you need to get this job done and that you will need on any other projects you might have!!

my go to scanner 👉

Scanners that i own and recommend 👉

Head bolts for the LT engine left side “driver side” the one with the black Allen bolt 👉

Chevy LT solid lifters “make sure you look up it fits your chevy LS LT engine”👉

This one here is my go-to head set gasket kit “all you need to re install the heads” works for me on tahoe,silverado, suburban!!👉

AFM DOD lifter with spring acDelco 👉

My go-to favorite powerful impact gun cheaper nd better than milwaukee 👉

swivel sockets 👉

metric socket kit 👉

wrench set 👉

brush kit 👉

double side ratchet wrench

impact better than snapon and cheap

better nd cheaper than snap on

Jack stands 👉

ratchet set 👉

what i use to record the video


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jon long says:

Where did you order the lifters from? I’m trying to get some for my 2015 GMC Sierra

Mac 1911 says:

Whats the proper method of prepping the head and block mating surfaces

Jacob Ford says:

Do you have to resurface the head?

abraham arzabala says:

Even with your nalgas lol!!

Bruce Kaiwi says:

Apparently the active fuel management lifters in the GM 5.3 liter V8 are a VERY common problem. Good job creating this awesome video and explaining all the details.

Joseph Randazzo says:

How do you know that the oil solenoid wasnt bad hence causing the lifter to stay collapsed?Thanks

rafael molina says:

What’s a good brand for the lifters? I’m going to replace mines

MrBigtime1986 says:

I had a 2018 Silverado and it was having a misfire and the plugs kept getting fouled out was this happening to this persons truck ?

PachecoVlogs says:

Good job bro thanks for the info

vikkleo says:

A+++ on the video man big help

Yue Ma says:

Great video – how difficult is it to do the same on the driver side? I have a P0307 error and unfortunately it the inner most cylinder on the drivers' side. Thanks much!

Don Nato says:

Excellent job boy,..Congra, and Excellent video..

Tyler E. says:

u should’ve installed the afm delete kit goin that far i’d be damned to put that junk back in to it

Chris Jumper says:

Really enjoyed your video. Taught me a lot. Not sure it is my lifter yet. I have a 2014 Yukon XL 5.3L V8 SLT. I have a misfire on the 7th cylinder so I replaced all the spark plugs and wires and coil on the 7th cylinder and that made it run a little better for a while and then it had another misfire on the 7th cylinder again after driving it for a while. I don't have the tool to check the compression yet in the 7th cylinder. What are your thoughts on my problem?Is there a way to drain the antifreeze so you don't get it all over the cylinder heads?

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