How to change an oil sending unit on 2007-2014 Chevrolet, GMC, Silverado, Suburban, Escalade. Tahoe,

How to change an oil sending unit on 2007-2014 Chevrolet, GMC, Silverado, Suburban, Escalade. Tahoe,

Detailed instructions on how to replace an oil sending unit on a GM Truck/Suburban/Escalade/Avalanche/Denali 2007-20014. Fix for no oil pressure or erratic oil pressure. For more info go to:



immortal uzumaki says:

I changed mine and its still doing the same -.- i do have low oil though ?

Kevin Coutts says:

Dave – Thanks for this helpful Video! Using your guidance, I just finished doing this on my wife's 2013 Tahoe 5.3L. (Gauge pegged at 80PSI, PO582 code) Unfortunately, the grey clip on the electrical connector was inaccessible. I used my Dremmel to enlarge the hole on the heat/sound shield an additional inch or so. Made it much easier to access the clip and to see what I was doing. I can't stress enough that when tightening the new sensor, to only tighten another 1/8 to 1/4 turn once the aluminum crush gasket makes contact with the manifold. I went too far on my first try and sheared the top of the sensor off. Fortunately, was able to get the threaded part out with a #3 screw extractor. Another $50 sensor and all fixed. Still much better than paying a garage to do this. Thanks again!

Raul Rey says:

Easy send it to the junkyard

Расул Расулов says:

Сделайте перевод на русский, все владельцы кадилак эско будут довольны.

Les Nunn says:

Very helpful. It was Definately a tight space but after changing the sensor, the pressure went up to 40. Thanks

Tibor Roussou says:

Definitely helps me with my friends truck; much different from the old school Chevy's I usually work on. Thank you sir 🙂
Edit: No need to remove the fuel line or vapor return line; only remove the hose off the vacuum assist. I know, I just did exactly that. Thanks again for locating the part for me. Cheers 🙂

Jason Scott says:

Nice vid, “pain in the nut” was my favorite part

James Myers says:

Great video. I did mine myself and yes it was awkward but certainly do-able.

Erin may says:

I dropped my sending unit back there and now I cant find need help asap

American Infidel Infidel says:

Thank you million times

Nasser Al-Ghamdi says:

i had this before it was so heard to rich that area i have changed the small filter as well

Brandon Garcia says:

you answered all my questions in the first 30secs. i will try this tomorrow

MANUEL Aguilar says:

You dont need to disconnect any fuel lines i stuck my hand by the heater hoses while laying on top of engine was able to replace it in under 15 minutes

Eric Salazar says:

I replaced mine but it keeps dropping. Dose anybody know what it could be?

Steve Sneed says:

Getting ready to change mine. Had it checked as bad. haven't had the chance yet to do it. When checked didn't work at all, now works intermittent all over the dial then stops again only when it stops I'm assuming has sent a signal to the computer that I have no oil pressure because the oil can flashes after it does it .2012 Suburban 5.3L. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks for a great how to!

tony monti says:

Would tis cause tap noise lifter on driver side?

Mike Mike says:

Can anyone confirm the torque spec for this?

bigemugamer says:

Maxim Mufflers on portage ave in winnipeg is trying to charge me $700! I have not gone back to retrieve my avalanche yet but the head mechanic wants to show me a small mesh oil screen that he claims my truck needs? any comments or suggestions would help, thx.

Emmanuel Sifuentes says:

This was extremely helpful! Thank you!

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