GMC MultiPro Tailgate Speaker unpack and Install

GMC MultiPro Tailgate Speaker unpack and Install

Me installing my new speakers



patrick c says:

Has anyone had issues with it powering on while driving with tailgate fully closed? Mine is powering off and on and connecting to my phone interrupting my Apple car play connection.
Also wanted to point out that this is very gimmicky to me. Sounds of very poor quality. I have $80 handheld bt speaker that sounds dramatically better and it’s not limited to tailgate use. Don’t waste your money unless you simply like the cool factor.

Dennis Matthews says:

For the lights, what's the part number on that? I found the one that comes with a housing, did you just remove them from there?

Fred Arroyo says:

Great video, really thorough.

Abdullah Alzuwayed says:

good thanks for it

Patrick McCloskey says:

Nice work but no thanks.

Jimmie Johnson says:

Good video but filmed to close to even see what goes where!!
Plus no information on what year.

Roger Rion says:

Thank you for the video. I’m starting to install mine now.

Kevin Van Lohuizen says:

Great, I ordered a new truck with the light kit. I did not know the lights could be used with the kicker system. Is the sound and everything from the kicker better than a small portable unit? Or just a gimmick?

A s t r o says:

I’m not tryna hate, more or less just trying to save people money.. these speakers sound like ass in person..
The truck has a plug in in the bed.. just buy a decent karaoke machine and plug it in the back or something.
If you care about sound quality that is.

Aaron Michael says:

Awesome man! Glad you did this! Thanks!

S.Harada158 says:

Great video. Just finished installing this kit in my GMC Sierra AT4. I would've been lost with just the instructions. Your video was a big help. Thanks for posting.

Jeff Sarratt says:

how bright are the lights

Nadeem Baste says:

Thank You. Your video was very helpful.

Pete Doanato says:

Nice, work! You add the corrections and the time it took to do the job. The audio was clean and easy to understand.

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