Easy DIY Subwoofer & Amp Install w/ OEM Bose – 2014 GMC Sierra

Easy DIY Subwoofer & Amp Install w/ OEM Bose – 2014 GMC Sierra

This is a simple way to install an amp and sub to your OEM Bose sound system in a 2014 GMC Sierra. Will be similar on a Chevy Silverado with Bose as well. Will likely be the same on 2015-2018 models equipped with Bose sound.

Equipment used:
JL Audio HX300 monoblock amp
Polk Audio db840 DVC 8″ Subwoofer
AudioControl Lc2i 2 channel LOC
SuperCrewSound Sealed sub box

I used Posi-Tap’s to pick of the signal from the OEM bose amp. Part #: EX-255 – for 12-18 gauge wire

Need help removing your back seats? Check this video out: https://youtu.be/agw_x2kFHkA

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POWER HOOKUP: https://youtu.be/K0ZNOFpDTEo?t=6s
REMOTE (RAP) HOOKUP: https://youtu.be/K0ZNOFpDTEo?t=8m38s
SIGNAL TAP HOOKUP: https://youtu.be/K0ZNOFpDTEo?t=11m56s

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Jason Schuren says:

you have an original LCI, does this version not have remote signal sensing to 1, turn itself on and 2, turn on your amp like the LCI2?

Jacob Sullivan says:

Is this same as the LC7i Audio Control that’s the one I’m going with?

ajbaron33 says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS INSTALL GUIDE! This guide was super informative and and made my install go smoothly. I highly recommend the LC2i with the powered outputs. Much easier to adjust and the levels and tune the speaker. Thanks again!

No Name says:

Hi, would you be able to describe the way you were able cut out the rubber grommet shown at min 5:20ish please.  I think i'm going to have to do the same as my fish hook seems stuck in that little hole pretty good….. Thanks.

josh reyes says:

Maybe you can help me out, is it possible to run the remote off the same 12v that's powering the bose Amp? . It would so much easier since your already there. I have been looking for a diagram for the bose amp but cannot find one with the power wires identification, thanks…

T J says:

Awesome video. Just some suggestions though. There's no need to remove that box under the dash. I got mine through by slicing the nipple off on the outer harness boot with a razor, removing just the cover to that box and reaching over the top. I poked a hole through one of the small holes on the top side that rubber disc that was pulled out in the video and then fed a single piece of 10-2 Romex (house wire) through from the inside. Taped it (like crazy) to my power wire and pulled it through. If you were only fishing an 8 gauge or something smaller then you could probably just pull it through without that disc popping out. I pulled a 2 gauge so it popped it half way out. I just fed the wire around it and pushed it back up in there. I also didn't have to remove the rear seat to tap into the bose amp wires. Just fold them up and you can see it all fairly easily.
(2017 Sierra crew)

Alex & Megan Powercouple says:

what size post-tap did you use?????

Ignignokt Mooninite says:

Any good advice as far as adding a sub to a stock silverado (no bose) ? Nice clean install .

Erik Barragan says:

I don't know what I did wrong but sub only works when key is open once the truck is started thyiu can barley even Tell the sub is on

Erik Barragan says:

So how would I connect rca wires without a lineout converter?

miokoloko1 says:

Do you need remote wire if using the lc2i?

Jay P says:

Great vid. I'm going to attempt this with my 2017 Silverado, but skip the LC2i, and just go directly to my amp(R500X1D). Seeing that the amp has the settings on it as well for tuning the bass. Hope it works out and won't need to purchase the LC2i later.. haha!

Figured, I'll grab one of these and connect it to the BOSE and then the amp: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B009B8EJYU/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER

RAY COX says:


Josh Gaines says:

The stock bose sub is still being used as well, correct? I want to add a slim powered sub to save as much space as I can under the seat and just add a little extra bass in addition to the bose sub.

Big Mike says:

Thanks for the post. Worked like a champ in my 2015 high country.

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