Cracked Dashboard Repair -Gmc Chevrolet Flipping A Silverado ls Episode 6

Cracked Dashboard Repair -Gmc Chevrolet Flipping A Silverado ls Episode 6

Hot Staple Gun

Thanks for Check out my Flipping a Chevrolet Silverado Series!
I picked up this 2004 Silverado work truck for 1600$ and plan on repairing what is needed and trying to sell it for a profit.
In this Episode I try repair the dashboard. I’ve had 1000x better results in the past, this dash was just alittle to old and cooked.



Ant Nope says:

Looks terrible

Bronson1886 AKA John Grisanzio says:

I like this method at least it is stronger and it looks better .

SkitzerPoindexter says:

Thanks for the video.
You showed me a new tool.
I wish I could fix my Suburban's dash this way… It's cracking apart like graham crackers.

Mark BEWLEY says:

Really ,I'm glad I don't do work like you do,you do your truck that way ,no telling how you treat every thing else, that looked like shit,wasted time and no pride in your work,you put that on YouTube like you really did something, I would be so embarrassed for anyone to see that kinda workmanship, but hey that's you ,wasted my time,

Mark BEWLEY says:

What's up with that color scheme on that truck, blue exterior, I don't know what color that interior is but they sure do not go together, never understood why they always leave out parts of the video, maybe because it was alot harder than they thought didn't want to look like they didn't know what they were doing?

Ralph Vaccaro says:

Or get a cover that glues on

Ralph Vaccaro says:

Should have filled it in sanded it off sprayed it

john messersmith says:

If you cant fix it right halfaas it lol a new dash cover is the only way to fix this how much other stuff on the truck did u half ass ??????

Ben Garza says:

It worked pretty good.! Thanks I'm going to pick one up..!

M Borg says:

Great job especially given how bad that dash was. Thanks for the link to the tool. Looks pretty easy to use. I had been looking for a way to repair other plastics this could do the trick.

BobbyG says:

Any idea how much a new dash usually runs? Mines cracked pretty bad. I might go this route though.

Gerardo Esparza says: makes a dash board cap of high quality that glues on top of that cracked old dash… and look pretty good…

Chupacabra says:

did you clip off the a portion of the leads of the staples before reinstall?

Cary Coller says:

Decent job. I didn't think it would turn out even that good but it did.

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