Chevrolet GMC Cluster Gauge Diagnosis and Repair

Chevrolet GMC Cluster Gauge Diagnosis and Repair

In todays video I show the in depth diagnosis and repair process for a GM vehicle with a failed instrument cluster. The subject vehicle, a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, came in with a symptom of no gauge operation and no drivers information display function. This symptom, diagnostic process and repair is similar to year models 1999-2004 Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac trucks and SUV’s including Silverado, Tahoe, Sierra, Yukon, Escalade and others. I cover many of the most common issues and repairs for this common issue effecting these instrument panels.

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Anthony Rodriguez says:

I got 12+ volts on b11, b12 but no readings on B9, any help? 2007 chevy Silverado classic 1500 cluster not working

Thomas Hood says:

How do you tighten the pins on the cluster?

1010Morada says:

One repair guy found an issue with the ground with the black and white wire at the odm hook up. I am going to try that first before having to replace a whole new cluster. Or do the reset too. But Thank you if all else fails.

Freddy Carballido says:

This was literally the highlight of my month. I never thought to flex the damn thing and have it come to life!!! Simply amazing thank you so much!

Christopher Shepherd says:

Question got 99 gmc and cluster is inop but as soon I hook up ob2 scanner it will work until I unplug it

Regionvoices says:

Can you still drive the car if you remove the cluster while it's sent.out for Repair?

Jerry Lofy says:

On my cluster the circuit board solder joints were mostly cold. Open connections all over the board. I just resoldered them all. Everything came back to life. No problems since.

Henry Toledo says:

Pin number 8 is a ground for the odometer and gear selector
Had an intermittent on/off problem. Tied an additional ground to that wire and it's fixed

Ghanim Aljebur says:

Thanks a lot man that was useful

mfritch says:

Pull the key!

David Ludwig says:

Why did you not show if the modules began communicating after the "twist"??

Curtis James says:

My speedometer is bouncing up and down or stays at 0 when driving. I've done replaced the VSS and no luck

Daniel McDaniels says:

Does a 2009 Chevrolet Colorado have a instrument cluster self check test or no

white2eagle says:

I have same issue with mine but the weird thing is if I remove the fuse for the cluster my radio works just fine but as soon as I put fuse back in for the cluster the radio goes off and stays off. Is there something that ties the cluster with the radio? It drives me nuts…

Mr00Mojo says:

Hii ok w did you get the mileage off the truck? I have a 2001 that needs a dash, but can’t get accurate milage to give for programming.

wayne morse says:

What happens if you check the grounds, replace the unit, check the connector..and still have only turn signal, back light and check engine light

Ken Laing says:

awesome video helped me out alot and well explained have a great day

Sean K says:

I found out I have loose pins in the cluster . Thanks for the info

wayne 6061 says:

thanks for the help

Fredy Garcia says:

So if I took my dash cluster out and flexed it and it came on what’s the diagnosis?

roger brandt says:

How many amps does a cluster take?

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