Quick Tip :How to replace oil pressure sensor on GM trucks

Quick Tip :How to replace oil pressure sensor on GM trucks

In this video I will show you how I’ve changed out oil pressure sensors on GM trucks and SUV’s. hope y’all enjoy. Sorry that this not showing how to verify the sensor is bad. I just wanted to make a video to show how easy and quick it is to replace this sensor.

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the n says:

I have a question. I have a 2004 Chevrolet 5.3 and my oil filter was clogged when doing a oil change. What does that mean. Is the engine bad

Bettis Magee says:

Is this the same for the 5.7 vortec? I bought a crate motor from JEGS and had high pressure since day 1… now 1.5 yrs later and 7k miles the gauge maxes out whenever I hit the gas… and idles at 40… as of 2 days ago the gauge randomly spins like a airplane propeller… do you think it’s still the sensor…? The installing mechanic said I have a bad cluster and to install a external oil gauge… any incite would be greatly appreciated!

Marcos Gorostieta says:

I change out the sensor but not the filter could that cause a huge oil leak to happen

mashooga 1994 says:

you can use a bolt but threading it into the filter/screen and after threading into screen, you can then just easily pull it out…

mike barnett says:

Great video!! Very helpful!

Dannt21 says:

Nice video! You made it very simple to understand.

Parish Epps says:

Does this work for a 2003 Denali also?

1bacq1 says:

THANK YOU. It was actually a fairly simple job – ONCE you showed me how to do it. You saved me a lot of time and work.

Timothy Anderson says:

By any chance could that pick fall in the hole I couldn’t find mines I think I drop in the hole NEED HELP working on a 2004 Chevy Silverado thanks

John Rivera says:

what happens if u drive with a bad sensor mine reads high?

Gregory Gardner says:

This is a good video of how to change the pressure sensor. I did a couple of things different though. I used the special sensor socket (1 1/16) from Advance Auto. If you have a deep 6 point 1 1/16 socket it should work. A 12 point will not work,as the points are rounded off on the sensor and the 12 point will just spin when you try to tighten the sensor. Attached to the socket I used a 3/8 drive universal joint….then 2 3inch 3/8 drive extensions, then a 3/8 to 1/2 inch adapter then a 1/2 inch regular ratchet. You can't seem to get enough torque through the u-joint with 3/8 drive to break the sensor loose. Get up and sit in the engine compartment with your left leg in front of the engine, and your right foot on the steering shaft. I just took off the PVC hose….and the power brake vacuum hose. Unplug the electrical connector on the vacuum hose, and pull the whole fitting out of the power brake unit. Now you can rotate it toward the passenger side and out of your way. Getting the electrical connector off the sensor is the hardest thing you will do. Here's a video of how the connector works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xY-CWKpKOQ It's a real pain in the ass. After you get the sensor out….I didn't have a bolt to fit the filter screen…so I bent the point on my pick to be a little more aggressive and pulled the screen right out. The point of the pic tore the screen a little as it dug into it…..but you're not going to use it again. Make sure you lube the little o-ring on the new filter….it will go in easier. Get something like the female end of a 1/4 inch drive extension and push the screen down til you feel or hear the o-ring snap into place. Screw the new sensor in as far as you can by hand…..you won't be able to screw it in real far as there is thread sealer on the threads. Use a 3/8 ratchet to tighten the rest of the way……you don't need the big 1/2 inch to tighten. It takes a little while as you can't move the ratchet handle very far. Put the electrical connector back on….push down the grey lock down….connect the hoses and get down out of the engine bay. Go get a beer or other drink……you just saved yourself 450 dollars. The dealer pulls off the whole intake manifold to do this….and charges you accordingly.

Shane Shepherd says:

Wish you had shown HOW to unclip the sensor. I can't see mine and can't figure it how to remove the wire clip!

Jennings Ott says:

Great video! I didn’t have a pic so I taped a bent staple to the end of a small screwdriver and fished out the screen for anybody who is realizing They don’t have one halfway through the job.

Gustavo Castillo says:

Disculpa la 2006 gmc sierra 6.0L 2wd tambien trai filtro ?

JC Nicholson says:

How to bleed brake on a 95 camaro

Julian Herrera says:

How much do you charge to rethread a spark plug hole? I have the heads off already

NACE Automechanika says:

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wyattoneable says:

Sensors are always a pain but you helped with that, thanks.

Flat Rate Master says:

9 out of 10 times for me the pigtail is full of oil, but good video Oz and look forward to meeting you in Atlanta

Moving Up Auto Diagnostics says:

Thanks for the tip bro

Steven Murata says:

Been there done that but I had a few more descriptive words along the way. Good video!

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