Installing 2007-2013 GM 1500 7.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit by Rough Country

Installing 2007-2013 GM 1500 7.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit by Rough Country

What better way to deck out your 07-13 GM 1500 you worked so hard for than with the aggressive stance and jaw-dropping ride height of Rough Country’s brand-new 7.5″ Suspension Lift for 2007-13 Chevy / GMC 1500 Pickups? This massive lift affords your truck the ability to run up to an impressive 35″ tire on factory wheels with our unmatched front and rear high-clearance crossmembers featuring the “RCX” logo. Heavy duty upper strut spacers, a beefy lower skid plate, and a set of differential and sway-bar drop brackets are also included; designed by our in-house Research and Development team with 100% laser-cut materials for the best possible fit on your vehicle. This whopping 7″ Lift also comes with a set of rear 6″ fabricated anti-wrap lift blocks that offer a huge boost while helping combat dreaded axle wrap issues on inferior big lifts.

Also included are a set of our Nitrogen charged N2 Shocks! Offering the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use, these shocks feature a 10-stage velocity sensitive valving custom tuned for this specific application. That means these shocks are specifically valved for use with this vehicle and lift combo, giving you unparalleled performance for any driving situation.



UGeidda Thlang says:

Will this work for a vehicle with electric power steering

Joshua Jones says:

It dont take no 20 mins to do kit on a lift a day not taking care of frame an bad parts 3 days doing it right an a week on jack stands replacing all the other bad parts you find then up date frame .some parts take longer

Joshua Jones says:

Plus that you send kits out not signed for then you reside a kit all scrapped an scratched up an then dont answer calls an emails after the fact I'll never use rough country lifts again

Joshua Jones says:

Need to put out a better video an let people know they need to replace almost every thing else with the kit add in lol put you another 3,000 up for other parts you'll need

Hydrilla says:

"Loosen and remove the rear cross member from the vehicle" at about 4:28 – what is this part actually called? I need to buy the factory part that is being removed in this video but haven't been able to ID it.

Fernando Rodriguez says:

You have any front wheel alignment issues?

Hydexpark 5th ave says:

Hello I have a 2007 gmc yukon xl denali will this kit fit my truck.i took off all my electronic suspension in the front and put regular struts and the same for the rear took the air shock off and put regular

Jeremy Anderson says:

how long would it take to install the 7.5 inch Suspension lift kit for a beginner

Mississippi strutin says:

What about a 2wd

mhmd95 tayem says:

Does this kit can be installed cadillac escalade also?

Daniel Jose Matamoros says:

Looks like a fun way to lose your rear axle. I like the front end lift parts, but your rear lifts are so unsafe! Why not offer less blocks and more leaf lift.

King of Hearts says:

I just picked up my 7.5 lift for my 08 GMC 1500 yesterday Tue/April/6th and I am so disappointed in it that I will be returning it. I got the old styel strut spacers, the ones that had the problems with the welds cracking when tightening the bolts and not the new styel ones, You guys really cut corners on the welding of the components, their should have been more welds, And I have never seen orange peel on powder coating so even the powder coating is the shits. I would be scared to even put this lift on my truck.

MidwestCatz says:

7.5" lift kit in 20 mins .. now that's a fast install

King of Hearts says:

Can you run 35×12.5x20x9"on factory rims with no trimming to inner or outer fender well with this lift.

Ramiro Martinez says:

I have an 08' Silverado 2wd, and I want to install this exact lift, will it require the cutting portions?

skull dead says:

for what you cut the ball joints?

Luke Berard says:

I'm new to learning about the lift kits and such. What size wheel spacers would I need on the rear to match with the front track width once I put the lift kit on? Putting a 6" RC suspension lift. 2008 gmc sierra 1500 z71. Thanks

Jim Jones says:

Is the 6” lift kit installed the same way??

RedCateye6 says:

You guys don’t make this lift for 03-06? Chevy 1500?

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