How To Install GM LS Truck Injectors Into a Honda ~ D16Y7

How To Install GM LS Truck Injectors Into a Honda ~ D16Y7

The rotory tool I used to shave down the manifold,

how to decap injectors

LS Truck Injectors from junk yard



swanginfleet says:

Do you tune cars? If so how much? I stay down by Galveston. Just put together a b20v with a greddy kit in a crv

Monkanowski says:

man i hope you covered those holes before you started grinding lol

Local Rice says:

Do u need top hats for this?

Ethan Lindsey says:

My truck injectors are different then the ones you have in the video. Mine don't have that plastic ring on the top. The metal part on the top that flares out was too big to fit in the fuel rail so I had to grind off some of the flare so that it would fit. My injectors came from an 03 or 04 Cadillac Escalade with a 6.0. My civic has a d16y8 manifold.

QuickSick6 says:

Just found this video. I have a coupe of sets of these injectors, how did you crack that top ring to slide it down to use as a spacer?

scoobee9 says:

Thanks for the vid very cool. Love this kind of thing. Just bought a gmc 2500 w/454 thinking there's got to be some stock swap-mods that I could do to up ponies. Used to be guys would just use vette parts. There's so many hi-po stock parts now that just weren't available in the old days. Love the low buck stuff, cuz thats what I've got.


So when you put the new truck injectors only thing you did in crome was just use the fuel multiplier? What about the battery offset? And did you have starting issues with the motor being warned up??

Tuner Things says:

Bout to do this on my D16Y8 turbo build! Thanks for the video definitely subscribed!

Boosted hatch says:

We're you located bro that junkyard you went too looks familiar

BigN89 says:

yea probably the 750cc injectors id say. I was wondering how the hell you was going to use them bad boys lol but i finally found a complete engine a d16z6 just waiting for the guy to drop the engine so i can go pick it up!

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