How to fix Reduced Engine Power and Service Traction Control on GM Chevy Pontiac Buick

How to fix Reduced Engine Power and Service Traction Control on GM Chevy Pontiac Buick

How to fix reduced engine power and service traction control system on your vehicle.
Throttle body
Wiring pigtail
TPS sensor only
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Titan_363 says:

I could tell by his demeanor and his non rehearsed, natural flowing dictation that he has been around the block more than a couple times and is at home doing diagnostics. When ya got experience in an arena it shows. In this case he had several pretty good indications of the issue. But as for the reduced power mode, or message, I've had several impalas in my garage, many things will trigger this cars self preservation mode. The Throttle position sensor, the variable valve timing servo, the accelerator pedal position sensor, the oil pressure sensor, any of the engine wiring harness wires are a huge trouble area in these cars and often over looked (my Impala, 2006 has 168 circuits in that harness) These cars build a huge amount of heat in a very congested area and the insulation will get brittle wires get brittle, shorts and breaks are common and hard to run down. Often times even an intermittent problem, hit a bump the break in a wire separates, hit another bump now its fine kind of thing. Advise is be diligent, start with simple things, as you rule them out move up. Remember that often and more for the older cars those trouble codes are suggestions or suspects, (innocent until proven guilty) . A good digital volt ohm meter is a perfect partner for a scan tool. Check, test, and verify a sensor is bad as much as possible before replacing it. I've seen guys spend $1000 by reading a code, oh I'll buy that sensor, then get another code, well I need that one also and so on, only to bring it to me and learn a connection was corroded. Some of these sensors may have a range of 8 tenths of a volt between good or bad. Good luck to anyone with these issues, just go cautious, stay calm, be methodical, and research means everything.

PriestMahomes says:

Thanks, great video. Had P2122 on my 2008 Impala and reduced engine power intermittently. Became a almost daily, so I replaced sensor. No luck, code came back same day. So I tried replacing accelerator pedal and voila, code gone! Knock on wood it lasts… Only been a week so far but it had been coding daily up until I switched the pedal… Hope this helps someone out there! GL

Kxng Earner says:

toyota is GARBAGE

Cara S says:

lol the svc tire monitor, mine has been on a long time. pontiac g6. I have traction control problems for a while now. Can't figure it out. Examined the throttle body sensor, ecm, tcm, map, wheel sensors, examined the hoses… going to test the ignition coils. it's coming to wires at this point .. no idea where.

Izrael Mirelez says:

thank you I'm trying this !

Steve Butler says:

studies show that chemicals absorb faster through your skin than if you swallow them. Try some neoprene gloves and a mask cuz that stuff you're spraying is toxic as hell.

Joe Vegas says:

The only thing that I absolutely hated from the start was the fact that he took the breather off and flung it. I take pride in all my vehichles and their appearance whether it's a muscle car, used slight rust bucket, or a new car. I'm tired of mechanics treating vehicles like this and have gone back to my own repairs whenever possible for this exact reason. You'll walk to your roll cab and treat your tools like a goddess, but fling the persons breather across the shop. The video was informative but you need to be more respectful to vehicles. Your speed on a job is worth money to you, but so is the money the customer spent on their vehicle to start with. Just food for thought.

dancing bam says:

Just happened to me.. but my gas cap was open lol. I closed it and problem solved lllol

Gojira61 says:

That sounds good! Sounds like my motorcycle. HAH!

William Larkin says:

Rpo uh8 is auto climate see tag in glove box

Maedros Bott says:

08:39 I think they mean the plastic sensor part, those cleaners eat through plastic – excellent video though, brilliant!

mjaime88 says:

Sir if you could past me some info I'd be appreciative.
My 07 Tahoe 5.3, recently I added 22 wheels, and 33 inch tires. Since then I've had stabilitrak sensor accompanied with low engine power. Why is this?

Anonymoogle says:

You are my hero.

kensonsainsurin says:

Thank you for this video my 2010 Chevy Malibu lis doing that right now reduced power and esc off lights on my dashboard

Kommie Watch says:

03:58 Did you say "Sensors in the gas PEDAL"?? IF that;s true, I want no part of that shite.I've heard of "throttle position sensor, but "PEDAL"?

Debra West says:

That was a very good video. Although I do not have that problem, it may become helpful because my son owns a Chevy Malibu. Would it be the same? Also, I did notice that traction control light but you did not mention anything about it since this video was not meant to fix that, however, my son's 2013 Malibu has that same light that will come on when he brakes. Any diagnosis/fixes for this problem?

Gladys Hernandez says:

You have no IDEA HOW MUCH THIS HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Mic Jolly says:

Enjoyed watching this. This issue just happened to my tahoe. Gonna do this fix and see what happens. Thanks so much for the information.

Blanca Luna says:

Make sure water tank is full you might have a water leak

Tim Graves. CRITTERS IN MY AREA says:

So how did you service traction control?

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