How to fix an ABS warning light in a Chev/GM

How to fix an ABS warning light in a Chev/GM

This video is an amateur demonstration of how I approached an intermittent ABS warning light on the instrument panel of a 2000 Chev Suburban. A diagnostic approach is described, removal of the Electronic Brake Control Module is shown, and I demonstrate reflowing of solder joints on the EBCM circuit board.

This video is published for entertainment purposes with no guarantee as to accuracy or safety. This warning light may be there for other reasons so although this is a common diagnosis it is not the only cause for that trouble light. Always seek out multiple sources of information before you decide to accept the risk of DIY repair. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to attempt your own repair is at your own risk.



buddyboy4x44 says:

You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Nick Wilson says:

another excellent video

AhPhoey says:

This guy is brilliant.

FL9502 says:

When the lights are on the ABS will NOT work. I locked my wheels up during a panick brake. Can I remove the electrical unit with the hydraulic block in place? It’s a pain to bleed through GM ABS blocks and want to avoid that if possible.

Jeff Grizzel says:

Great video. Thanks.

Ozzstar says:

If GM just allowed for a little bit more access it wouldn't be such a bear to get the ABS unit out. Go figure. Nice job with the vid.

zx8401ztv says:

I was thinking the same thing about the daft screws, show them the bin and install normal ones :-D.
I have a hate for all the odd scews/bolts being used now, 1/4 hex headed screws would have been much simpler to remove, but that's me, im old tech lol :-D.

That didn't look to easy to remove, pity they didn't put the whole thing under the hood.

I did wonder if the wheel speed sensors were all ok, but turning the car off then on would not clear a faulty sensor, so ignore my jibbering lol.
I know almost zero about the subject, but i always enjoy the mental gymnastics that you create in my grey matter :-).

stuzman says:

Great work Dave and that ABS unit looked like a bear to get to and get out. Taking your unit apart didn't seem as bad as mine. Of course, you remember I sent mine off to have it repaired and I saw that they drilled and tapped a hole to screw a bolt in from the back side to release the cover. If only I knew 🙂 Now for those leaking brake lines and you'll be good to go.

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