Here’s Why GM is Shutting Down Car Production Around the World

Here’s Why GM is Shutting Down Car Production Around the World

Here’s Why GM is Shutting Down Car Production Around the World, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. The end of GM, Chevy, Cadillac and Buick in America. Bankrupt car companies. Failing General Motors and Chevy car sales problem. The future of GM car manufacturing. Should I buy a GM or Chevy? The truth about GM cars. GM car and truck failures. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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redroo12 says:

GM took billions of taxpayers dollars in Australia under an agreement that they would keep local production{Holden} here for min 10 years. A few years later they killed the Australian factory off and tried to sell us shitbox GM Daewoos and various other Euro trash re-badged as Holdens. Surprise surprise they couldn't sell them! So the way to fix the AWFUL product line they decided to shut down ALL Right hand drive manufacturing. The sooner GM goes by the wayside and stops sucking on the US taxpayers the better.

keanu salmon says:

6:59 "a quart every 5 seconds" lol

Tim nugent says:

Damn, that was a heavy duty rear end.

Mike Kind says:

Yeah, we need more SUVs here in the US, we don’t have enough of those yet.

Brendan Orend says:

Fellow Kitchener Ontario resident, it is a 10 minute drive from Cambridge, I work at FIO automotive, I run a weld cell, making sub frame assembly’s for the RAV 4s. We take pride in are work here.

Seth Riggle says:

Thai girls are pretty cute

Greg Cromer says:

Ever since Obama reorganized GM, it went downhill very fast. It could have recovered if normal free market principles had been implemented instead.

Navychieftrollsu says:

What about holden being discontinued?! The legendary commodores will live on

David Maxwell says:

every car company can profit from small vehicles except GM, and its been like that for the past 80 years

ARCA9E says:

The only thing they can make are the LS/LT engines other than that the rest of the car/truck is total garbage

Matt 35 says:

We don't need all these car makers, just Toyota and……… Toyota

Suvijak eng says:

RIP Chevy in Thailand.

Bee Bob says:

GM sucks. No more of those cars for me.

Mark Ward says:

VE & VF Holden Commodore’s … the best Aussie GM vehicles imo

I’ve owned 3 VE/WM Caprice’s for a combination of over 1 million kilometres
(2xMY2010 & 1xMY2012)

Pretty much trouble free motoring

The FG falcons are also excellent Aussie cars too!

I wish GM had been forced to IPO Holden on the Australian stock exchange instead of closing down operations

Saboth says:

I think GM makes the worst quality cars. Even Kia beats them out imo these days.

Chadwicked B says:

We bailed out GM…In the future it will be Tesla..

tmaq97 says:

I believe matrix were made in the nuumi plant as well back in the day next to the vibes and corollas

Herbert Norkus says:

I will never buy anything american again unless its an antique car. We have 2 hyundais….ive got no complaints, we are totally satisfied. My buds mock us, but theyll find out the hard way. No need to overspend for a name…ive seen no real difference in quality now between japanese and korean cars as of late.

tmaq97 says:

First model of the Chinese suv will be the Corona V

Juan S says:

Come on, people! Have a heart. The CEO of (G) REEDY (M)OTORS, MARY BARRA'S $22,000,000 Million Dollar Yearly Salary is NOT ENOUGH! I wonder if she knows the difference between a spark plug and a light bulb. What could go wrong? (POLITICAL CORRECTNESS) This is their own doing by cheapening their JUNK! It started way back in the 1960's. "IMITATION CONVERTED GAS ENGINES CALLED; DIESELS, FAULTY IGNITION SWITCHES, COIL SUSPENSION AND PLASTIC CLUTCH ASSEMBLIES ON THEIR PICKUPS, THE CHEVY VEGA, THE UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED CORVAIR AND THE DIRECT COMPETITOR TO JAPANESE CARS; THE SATURN….REALLY?

i hate your honda says:

Gm is getting smaller and smaller…soon they will be out of business

Freddy A says:

Hahahhaha…that was a solid rear end…

Jake Myers says:

GM ain't worth a Jack.

Terrence Bennett says:

Just to let you know, Jim is also leaving Australia this year as well.

mdotguy says:

Hi Scotty I heard a rumors that you're launching some sort of Car related app or something? Are the rumors true?

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