GM engine could blow up without Catch Can! Bulletin 14882 DIY FIX for ECOTec motor

GM engine could blow up without Catch Can! Bulletin 14882 DIY FIX for ECOTec motor

Catch can used –

Have you wondered how reliable your new to you vehicle is. Do some research on common failures.
I came across this failure and even though it states for cold weather, Texas has crazy weather. I am so glad I put this on.
Results are after only 3,000 miles on an engine with over 115,000 miles. Just out of range of what the warranty covers.



Wes says:

Lol, no your engine would not blow-up. On the other side of the valve-cover is what is called a "breather-hose." The crankcase would just vent through the breather-hose which open to the atmosphere…

If you want to end a lot of your problems, just ditch the pcv system entirely. Cap-off the intake manifold vacuum for the pcv-port/hose and vent the valve cover to the main-intake (pre-throttle body). Used that same catch-can you have to fix oil-burning & issues, tried a lot of other things, and finally on a whim I just disconnected to pcv system. Now the pcv is no longer stealing vacuum from the engine, so combustion is more complete with virtually no blowby or emissions.

Thomas Zappio says:

If the catch can is higher than the PCV system, how will it prevent freezing? Just trying to understand. I had the rear main seal blow out when it froze.It was fixed under warranty, but I still have that caramel liquid collecting. Every time I drive it in the winter I think it will happen again. I was doing the oil consumption test & the dealer kept telling me it was within GM standards. I told them just change the oil filter as I am adding a liter about every 2000 kilometers.

cswann8 says:

I live in Austin Texas so we don't get much in the way of freezing temps, and it's usually only for a night and some of a day. But my old faithful car that was paid for years ago, had what we think was a transmission failure, so I opted to get something else. I needed, running, well maintained, and affordable. I settled on a 2012 Terrain with 140K on it. It's a solid car but I need at least 2 years out of it without having to dump money into it. The day I got it home, the inquisitive shade-tree mechanic in me had the airbox and valve cover cover (lol still cracks me up that they did that) off and the first thing I saw when i pulled the PCV hose off the airbox was oily sludge on the end. Then I started reading about all the horror stories of massive oil consumption, etc, etc. I think my car, driven like I drive, and maintained like I maintain, will be good for another 100k, but I'm ordering this oil catch can for sure. Oil has no business getting sucked into the throttle body, even in small quantities.
I'm considering running a can of Seafoam through the air intake. Any thoughts on that? TIA.

j kim says:

wheres this sludge coming from bottom hose? if so thats confusion because if you put your finger on that opening there is a vacuum. in fact i thought that that bottom hole is an air intake.

Kevin says:

Glad I found your video. My wife and I just purchased a 2011 and it didn't dawn on me that it had this Ecotech with all of the problems. Anyway my catch can came in today and getting ready to install it.

Terry Waters says:

If all that catch can does is prevent that gunk from dirtying up your throttle body it is well worth the time and money.

D Gibson says:

For the new engines a catch can is no longer necessary! Yes it will catch oil, but the engineering of the system is changed to where oil or very little oil get through the the system. Staying with a DEXOS 2 oil is the most important thing to do.

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