FIXING what GM MISSED on the Convertible C8 Corvette! DIY

FIXING what GM MISSED on the Convertible C8 Corvette! DIY

FIXING what GM MISSED on the Convertible C8 Corvette! DIY

Ladies and gentlemen, today, Darren, Mark, and I will show you how to install a little amazing device that will change the way your C8 convertible top functions, fixing what GM clearly missed.



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DColon614 says:

I had this Mods4Cars smart top on my Mercedes SL and it was great. Installed easily and never malfunctioned.

LuvKills Slowly says:

$500 tho? It doesn't bother me that much. Love how some people are calling this a fix when GM inteneded to have the buttons held for safety reasons. Clearly.

LuvKills Slowly says:

GM didn't miss this. They intentionally make the user hold buttons for Legal Liability reasons. Imagine someone's kids fingers accidentally in the top mechanism as its opening or closing. GM would have to incorporate too many stop sensors like a garage door opener if it senses an object. GM made the right decision to do their convertibles this way. Liked your video but mentioning the cost in the video would be helpful. Thanks

Ronald Smith says:

Is there any way to stop the top mid travel? If not, there is a safety issue. Someone, probably a kid, could get caught in it. Car companies changed the window switches several years ago because a few kids playing in cars and stood on the armrest then stepped on the window switch. The window went up trapping them and killing them. Now if they stand on the switch, the window will go down. You could also have some major damage if something gets in the way of the top or the cover.

Cobracsx1 says:

Great video, I don't miss any of them. I just ordered this using your code. Keep up the great content! Charter member of your thumbs-up squad.

Page 1 says:

Please specify on a couple of things Exactly. 1. Does it override the the safety protocol for putting the top up or down below 30 MPH? 2. What EXACTLY needs to be done to put it in Service mode i.e tapping the button on the fob AND OR (tapping the button in the car?

amill1563 says:

Worthwhile mod for sure!

Daniel Plummer says:

Love it thank you

Doug Hooks says:

Mark is really good with stuff like that. Me? Not so much. There are some things about that mod I might be concerned about, but maybe that’s due to my lack of knowledge of the product. I know this much…mod or no mod the HTC is still way easier than the targa. Thanks guys for the video and content.

Ryan S says:

Does this void any warranty?

Edgar Garner says:

If you would not play music we could hear what is being said. So I did not enjoy the video!!

Derrick T says:

Nice mod, but does it affect the factory warranty.

KennyM says:

You say Chevy forgot this feature, but I believe Chevy did this intentionally. This way if something gets in the way of the roof going up or down, like a child or someone getting too close to the car and sticking their hands inside, you can pop your finger off the button and it stops. I believe you just bypassed a safety feature. If someone get hurts in the car and this is disabled you could be liable and insurance would not cover. Same way if you close the top with key fob. If you are inside the car you can tell right away if someone gets in the way of the top. but if you are standing behind the car and start to raise the top and someone on the other side sticks their arm in the car they could get injured. I would caution others to not do this. I would be curious to what Chevy says about this. My biggest concern is if someone did get hurt and the insurance company says, hey , you disabled this, so we are not covering you.

Bill C says:

Great content Mike! May have to do this mod!

Kerry Glock says:

I’m not busy next Saturday, you guys can stop by here in South Central PA and “Mod” my HTC. Bring the Module too if you would lol……. I have a Milwaukee Saws All too.❤

Mark is so handy to have around!

Thanks Mike, I got my BOS Key Tags today. 1/24/2022

2020Matrix8 says:

Your next mod should be a Carbon Fiber steering wheel. It took me about an hour to install mine. It totally changes the interior of your car.
You will love it❤
Check mine out on nsta…
Same as my user name on here ..

Marc G says:

Can you let me know the model/link for Mark's headband light? Looks like it puts off more light than most.

Thomas Angelo says:

It's going to be real convenient

Daniel Hester says:

I have more questions… in theory, it sounds great but I think there are some unintended consequences that need to be addressed before I would do the install.

2020Matrix8 says:

No four letter words said means you definitely didn’t do it right!

Cat N Mr DJ says:

Now that's a good Vlog; I will obtain that for my E-Ray if GM hasn't made the fix. Mr DJ…

Fly1903 says:

sounds fantastic

Ken Jacobsen says:

Can you stop the movement and can you put it in the service mode which just opens the lid

Nick Rapid C8 says:

Oh that's perfect!

2020Matrix8 says:

Yep GM made it that way for safety reasons. It’s so in case of an emergency like a kid or object is in the way you the operator still has the ability to quickly release the button.

Stupid Fast Truck says:

I want one! Thanks for the promo code also. I've been in a hurry and forgot to hold the button down long enough for the back window to close, this eliminates that step.

Stephen Meade says:

How about the people that had clear motor covers on their cars? Can they still stop the roof in time?

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