The DIY How to Fix 2004 Ford Escape Rear Window Hinge: Repair & Replacement (Back Hinges Corroded)

The DIY How to Fix 2004 Ford Escape Rear Window Hinge: Repair & Replacement (Back Hinges Corroded)

Okay folks! Here’s my video on how I fixed the rear window hinges for my 2004 Ford Escape. Remember! Based on my experience…buy new, NOT used!

Here’s a link to the eBay listing showing the hinges I recommend:






Mongrel Hordes says:

Great video and very helpful. Just replaced on my wife's 2003 Escape. $55 for both and done.

Nicholas Nadon says:

For those following his guide, when tightening down the nuts and bolts, use a torque wrench at 97 in-lb.

jhopk83388 says:

I have an 05, names Betsy – Just hit 220,000. Had her since new. Mine popped off last night while unloading a new TV. Thanks pal, this helped

Mason's Mercantile says:

Very helpful video… but you down play that you need ten men and a boy to push those shock arms back into position. Thank you for the video. If you are a women changing these out, all is super easy until time to put those shock arms back on.

B Baker says:

Excellent instructional video covering all aspects of this replacement. Thank you for posting.

Some very helpful tips by your viewers too.

E R says:

When you reattach the struts, all you have to do is shut the tailgate and then open the window so it's the same length. You don't have to use force to reattach them. Also the strut clips don't have to be removed.

C.R Hammer says:

They make an after product now that is steel and not crappy plastic/vinyl or aluminum.

Mary Semeraro says:

Hi, your instructions are great . Can u tell me the seller name in eBay. IT says the item is no longer available with the item link on eBay. Please help my window is completely detached 🙁

Cam Drier says:

very helpful thank you for the upload

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