How To Replace Rear Brake Pads and Rotors on '04-'08 Ford F-150

How To Replace Rear Brake Pads and Rotors on '04-'08 Ford F-150

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For front brakes, see video here:
Complete step-by-step guide to replacing the rear brake pads and rotors on your 2WD or 4WD 2004 – 2008 Ford F-150 pickup truck.



Mitch K says:

No loctite needed on rear caliper bolts?

DeeManBear says:

Dude, clean that rotor better, you still had a whole 10% off that can of brake clean left. Surprised you didn't pass out!
Great video, extremely well vocalized.

Gi Me says:

He didn't use slider grease

Legendoflaw21007 Whittle says:

Make sure yall do exactly what he says. I only had 2 cases of brake cleaner instead of the standard 6 cases he uses. Bad idea. A minuscule drop of grease touched the brake pad (without my knowledge of course) and I ended up driving off a road cliff (think of the road runner) and as I slammed my brakes, nothing happened. I am now dead just ghosting around trying to get brake cleaner written as a Law in which every vehicle has to have at least 383 cans.
384 was just overdoing it.

Btw, thanks. Your video saved me a bunch of money and I didn't need the help of a gecko.

andycel schneider says:

What pads did you use here and another good video thanks

Bill Rayvan says:

Well done video simple to follow and to remember …

william ayres says:

Outstanding, I just replaced my rear brakes myself for the first time, great pithy to the point video thanks for the help..

Waterbird 4222 says:

Should you apply anti-seize to the abutment clips surface?

Joshua Bloyd says:

How many cans of brake cleaner did you go thru for this project?! lol ;-j

David Linkous says:

BUT BUT BUT, what about the E brake pads.

Dizz Corn says:

How did you get the camera lined up so perfectly with your line of sight? The field of view was perfect, not too shaky. Care to share your camera configuration?

LostInMySpace says:

I did this same brake job on my 05 F150 yesterday, Previously, I paid a mechanic to do the brake job, and I noticed that the outer brake pad with the spring was on the bottom instead of the top, so basically it was on the wrong side of the truck. Does it matter if the spring was on the bottom? And there was no evidence of any grease in the rubber boots for the slider. THUMBS UP!!!

Edwin Mac says:

Great video. Thank you for you’re help and for posting.

Dustin says:

Great video, thank you!

David Jensen says:

After viewing this, I'm confident to attempt this on my own. Thanks!

Mike Erchul says:

Very good video!
I've done brakes many times and I still learned a couple of things from this. Very nice job

Luis Santana says:

Thank you so much! You literally saved me 450!

John Thornton says:

And with this method, you risk damaging or destroying your abs actuator. Also, you shouldnt use just any grease to lube the caliper pins.

Jerry Egge says:

Best video out there on how to replace the rear brakes and rotor on a Ford F-150! Thanks.

Robert Bowen says:

You always take the boots off, clean and inspect the boots and bore…..this is bad brake work instructions. You clean the tabs with a wire brush and solvent, you clean the outside of the caliper with a wire brush and solvent. And you wear a toxic fume mask, not a dust mask when you are within 10 feet of solvent. You don’t let the break clean run down onto the ground with the crud…Sorry this is dangerous, people will die if newbies follow these instructions. Really poor instructions.

Bass Daddy says:

Hahahaha so much brake cleaner I hope that stuff don’t hurt you if it does your screwed. Great video man!!

Andrew Vickerman says:

Awesome, easy to follow and straight forward

Bombardier64 says:

You must get brake clean for free lol

Muskoka Mike says:

"I love the smell of brake clean in the morning, it smells like….victory" lol

Muskoka Mike says:

5:36 when they seize up…..I followed your vid on front brakes and just did my 2006, passenger front bottom was seized rock solid no grease whatsoever inside. The boot had split and guess it washed out all the grease. Great videos, made the job so much easier with your step by step instructions.

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