How to: Replace Ford fuel filter (Mondeo Mk3)

How to: Replace Ford fuel filter (Mondeo Mk3)

Replacing the petrol filter is an easy enough job and the process shown is common to many Fords. The car featured has a Duratec HE 2.0 engine. Fuel filters should be replaced at roughly 50,000 km or 5 year periods, depending on the ‘quality’ of your local petrol.

You will need (for the car shown):
* Replacement filter. The model shown is Ford part # 4103735.
Amazon US: | UK:
Or search Ford fuel filters ~
Amazon US: | UK:
* Ratchet & hex sockets 8 & 7 mm
* Long nose pliers (maybe)
* Gloves & eye protection
* Rags
* Catch tray
* Lighting
* Fuse box diagram for your car.

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Craig's DIY Car says:

Amazon links (from the desc):
Ford fuel filter shown ~ US: | UK:
Or search Ford fuel filters ~ US: | UK:

william629 says:

Thank you. I have a 2002 Ford Focus DOHC, and you've saved me a good deal of money with these videos.

Jan Rod says:

Great video Craig, as always. At what milage do you change this filter? Garages seem never to change them unless you ask them. And I am speaking of my Ford dealer…

Mohamad Alfayez says:

Nice video.thanks

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