How To Replace Ford F250 F350 Super Duty 4X4 Upper and Lower Ball Joints

How To Replace Ford F250 F350 Super Duty 4X4 Upper and Lower  Ball Joints

Video Tip: How to replace upper and lower ball joints on Ford F-250 and F350 Super Duty 4X4 trucks. The subject vehicle is a 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty 4X4 equipped with the power stroke engine however this general process covers many year model Ford Trucks. Watch this video for more information. Here is a link to my video showing the installation of the inner spindle seal which was not covered in this production.



Davi J says:

This dudes a jackass! U put the top one in first! You are reversing the removal. It’s ten times easier and the correct way to use the installation tool! He realized his goof in the video and didn’t have the courtesy to correct or even note it for the viewers misguiding them!

Typical bs YouTuber mechanic !

GunsWithGage says:

Fantastic video thank you

Jay Bray says:

So we don't worry about replacing the dust seal that came apart when removing the axle shaft?

CDNBroncoLife says:

Honestly … THE best video for upper and lower ball joints on the interweb!! Great job sir ! Hats off

Miguel Ortiz says:

I cant find the part number for the axle seals, anybody that can help me

Seblabombe says:

What is the ball joint press you are using. Brand and model. Thank you.

zach S says:

I really wish i watched this before i started, but still a tremendous help. You think you are an old pro with ford truck front ends, and ford throws a curveball.

Victor Manuel says:

Good video.
Thank you.

Eric Terrell says:

Great video do it yourself save some money

csimon0341 says:

Thanks Man, that was very well done!!

Tripp says:

Thats one big ass dead blow hammer..

Eric Martin says:

Can i ask why u joint replacement wasent included since everything else was replaced?

daniel gutuescu says:

Excellent video. Question: will the OTC6697 work and be necessary for a stick/manual transmission with no vacuum too? I've got a 2007 F350, crank windows, stick, as basic as possible.

Team Lumens HBA says:

Sunrise Ford wanted $750 more for stock and was already into the front end for a warranty repair. Under $150 for Moog parts and seals yea, no thanks I got tools, "#thecardoctor" and a weekend. Excellent video.

Travis Avery says:

Great video!!!

Paul Williamson says:

Please wear safety glasses, otherwise great job.

Carp Dog says:

Great video. Thank You

Jared lariscey says:

Thank You for the video!

rich harris says:

Wanted to say thanks for doing this video! It really helped me out replacing my wheel bearings.

Chris Renaud says:

I want to say this was one a the best videos on this I have seen. Your a great teacher. I have to tackle this on my 09 F250. minus the ball joints I hope, but will be replacing hubs, 4×4 locker (one is seized in the lock position), and the 2 axle shaft seals and U joints. I just hope the permanently locked passenger wheel as not trashed the axle. Thank you

dekonfrost7 says:

Lol dude said pcv pipe. Ha ha ha

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