How to replace "Engine Air Filter" 2013-2017 Ford Escape (DIY)

How to replace "Engine Air Filter" 2013-2017 Ford Escape (DIY)

How to replace “Engine Air Filter” in your 2013-2017 Ford Escape. Very easy to do and can be done within 15min. Enjoy the video.



jdubb408 says:

Pita job to do just for an air filter

Patrick The Mortician says:

You make awesome videos, however you shouldn’t run the music while doing the actual instructions. Run the music only before and after the repair.

oldairforcedude says:

Outstanding video, close ups helped a lot. My Escape is 2018 but there is no difference, same setup. I appreciate the time you took to make this, including mentioning the 8 mm socket.

yomomsboyfriend says:

Just used your video to install a K & N on my new 2018 Escape SE Ecoboost with only 62 miles on the car. No tab for the slot but otherwise an easy job.

Richard Jones says:

appreciate your careful and slow method of explaining things. You seem to leave out no details. Your videos are easy to follow and hear and see, all these are extremely helpful to those trying to learn something. I book marked and subscribed to your videos. Thanks for the great teaching you perform.

TheLostSingles says:

I just did my 2017 for the first time with an OEM filter. It had the exact same numbers as the old filter. It didn't fit until I squished it into the housing. I saw where to old filter was also compressed.

Étienne Lemire says:

I like the way every little details are explained! Thanks!

Faux Fox says:

My 2014 Ford Escape S 2.5L has a different air filter- a flat square one. The intake housing will not fit the cone style filter such as K&N E-2993. I installed the air filter and removed the intake housing, but it would shut off 1 second after starting the engine. Hope this saves someone some time.

Dangerna says:

You do great very clear videos, ty

Carlos Rivera says:

Should mention ecoboost, before wasting someones time

K R says:

mine barely fits. same with last car same model range… what a headache

Albert Villar says:

Thanks – very descriptive and detailed; Remember to vacuum reservoir prior installing new air filter (it got debris and leaves that could damage your engine air flow).

Rene Reyes says:

Great job man!!

Bextar636 says:

First thing I noticed was a Filthy engine…just terrible !!!

klip81 says:

Thank you for the video! Great tips and easy to follow!

Jim Hodges says:

Good video but the music is annoying.

Rick C says:

it totally sucks that u have to remove bolts to get to the air filter, shitty design. same with the battery, the battery has a cover that has to be removed to get to the terminals. good vid only I would remove the bolts and put them in my pocket.

Yifei Mo says:

Thank you. Your video is so well made, and carefully went through the details&tricks for new DIYers. Please keep it up!

Tabitha And Lindsay life says:

Hi I'm Tabitha, im a big fan of your channel and inspire to be like you you do such good Diy's! I'm a small channel looking for people to Collab with to help grow my Channle! If you could Get back to me my email is and my Instagram is TabithaRoseeee

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