How to Replace a Timing Belt !! Fully Detailed Video!!! DIY – (Ford Focus)

How to Replace a Timing Belt !! Fully Detailed Video!!! DIY – (Ford Focus)

In video i show step by step on how to replace a ford focus timing belt.. this car has a 2.0 svt engine, but it can be applied to all 2.0 ford engines with dual overhead cams.

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thirdgen klowny1969 other cars that this video can apply to are bmw ,toyota tundra , nissan , honda , accord, civic , prius , mercedes , chevrolet , chevy , saturn , acura , mazda , mitsubishi , lexus



Jared Shelton says:

It's 2.0, as in zero, not "2.oh"

jimbola77 says:

how about the water pump Brother?

jimbola77 says:

hey, klowny is that the same process for a honda ridgeline truck? thank's Brother for sharing!!!!!

kitty m says:

I need a timing cover, timing chains replaced on my 1994 SL1. Watching the video, I can see it takes time but most mechanics should be able to do right? Can those parts, if bad, cause problems with oil/anti-freeze areas to leak?

Jorge Uribe says:

Does the Regular Ford Focus 2.0 DOHC Zetec 16 valves has timing marks? After you put the metal bar do you have to lock the camshaft Sprockets to? sorry I'm asking a lot but I want to replace my belt, it has not broken yet but its been there for a while now and I want to replace it before it brakes. Thank you for the video it helped me a lot

Shapechanger101 says:

I am about to do the timing belt on my 03 Escape with the non svt version of this engine. Your video did a great job showing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. It will make my job a lot easier. Thanks

Todd Jacky says:

Awesome Vid! Puts all the others to shame!!

Typey1 says:

Great job!
Could you of done a belt change scotty kilmer style using paint markings on belt to pulleys without pulling valve cover off etc?

David Martinez says:

I dont even have this model or engine but i kept watching because you did One hell of a job. With showing everything.

Giuseppe Verdi says:

All that crap just for a timing belt? Chains are way better….transverse orientation suuuuuuucks!!

Brian Dunne says:

I thought the honda timing belts were a pain this looks worse

125 SM says:

another good video , very informative.

Saeng M says:

Buttplug is correct not sure why you second guess yourself lmao

Gabe's Garage says:

How do you like that underhood light and what model is it?

1Wild CamaroSS says:

Great job brother!!! She’s good to go for another 90,000km LOL!!!

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