How to repair the RED WARNING Brake Light Ford Truck

How to repair the RED WARNING Brake Light Ford Truck

See how to permanently fix the red warning brake light on your dash without replacing the instrument cluster. Get real tips to repair the common issue of the emergency brake light warning staying on all the time.

Helpful tools for this job. Actual tools I would recommend buying.
Soldering Iron:
1/4-Inch Drive Socket Set:
Magnifying Glass:
Small hook tools:
Circuit Board Solder
Desoldering Pump Kit:
Door Panel Removal Tool:



angus gillingham says:

Been looking for this fix for awhile. Saw others that didn’t work for me. I broke every needle but one and glued them together and waiting for the glue to dry and reinstall them. I’ll add to this when I get the whole cluster back and tested.

Carmen Del Rosario Rodriguez Perez says:

where can i buy the littler motor for the speedometer on an f150 2007 truck?

Carmen Del Rosario Rodriguez Perez says:

i remove the cluster cover and move the switch he shows moving and the light went off. does that means it be ok now or do i still have to sorder the problem is solve?

C M says:

I also didn't know where on the instrument cluster to repair. After re-soldering both sides of the resistor, the light is finally out. Unfortunately, the speedometer stepper motor came apart while doing the repair and my first attempt at putting it back together resulted in a non-moving speedometer needle. After a quick but tricky disassembly and reassembly, it all tested good. Had to do a live speedometer calibration with the cover off using google navigation on my phone as the correct speed.

Marty Josephson says:

The re- solder fix worked beautifully, thanks so much!!

Marty Josephson says:

how would you fix the odometer (LCD display) mine is blank, so I don't know how many miles that are on the 2005 f-150

Michael Bertolucci says:

Thank you for the help! You saved me a bunch of money

Scott Poole says:

I'd been putting this off until I found instructions that were understandable and precise. I did discover that my soldering skills are not good, but apparently good enough to make this repair. I popped off three needles, but super-glued them back on. I appreciate you sharing the video.

Mechanically Creative says:

Hey guys just wanted to let you know my e150 has this issue it was e brake switch. Just depress ebrake and look for little gray switch. It can be pushed in by hand. Mine did not appear to be depressed enough to turn off the light.

Basics says:

Same problem for me in Crown Victoria….. will this fix the problem…. cluster is different type

Alpha Omega says:

What about the E brake?

D Max says:

Did it and it worked for me

shaneinpoco says:

Fixed the brake light thanks!!! However, my lcd screen fell out and broke it trying to force it back in.

Luis Raul Fontanez Garcia says:

Does that work on a Ford excursion 2002 10 cylinder limited??…

Michael J says:

I accidentally drove with my brake on for several miles one time and the brake light has been stuck on ever since. It does occasionally go off for short periods of time but it always comes back on. With that information, any idea what might be causing it?

Al Leonhard says:

Wow, that's a great tip. I'm going to chk mine out today.

mowingcowboy says:

Thank you so much . I Had this same problem with my brake lite the day I bought my truck 2 years ago. I kept thinking it was the master cylinder reservoir sensor .Adding solder to the same resistor fixed it. This must be a common problem for F150s.Thanks again for a great video.

ImAdapt73 says:

Thank you, just confirmed The reason for my brake light being on. After watching this video with the truck running in the brake light on, I tapped the dashboard with my fingers in the approximate location where you showed the problem, the light turned off. Now to repair it. Great job on this video thank you again.

Dustin Carrico says:

Thanks so much i have 2006 e250 and the break light comes on and beeps the entire time. Its on took 30 mins to fix and been putting up with it for 6 months or longer

chrispaline says:

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You saved my life!!! It worked!

Master of Machines says:

Awesome info dude thanks! I had one that had the brake light issue, but also the airbag light would turn off (actually had an sir fault) when the connector was wiggled. And it had a dtc for airbag light circuit open stored. I wasn’t sure which component was for the sir light, so I soldered all the surrounding components on the board and it fixed both the brake light, and sir light malfunction.

Ben heaver says:

Fixed it thanks

Obi Wan says:

Awesome advice. Absolutely worked. I looked at the joint over and over with magnification and still did not see any sort of crack or break. Did the repair anyways and it solved my problem. Also this seems to have fixed my TPMS indicator that was coming on randomly as well
Just a little addition. I used a dental scraper to rough up the tiny surface on either side of the resistor. Also used super glue to glue back together the needle indicators and I didn’t wait for the superglue to cure fully before closing the unit up. Ended up with white fingerprints on the inside of my cluster enclosure which I will clean up later. Ever seen Beverly Hills cop II fingerprint scene?

Michael Schwenk says:

Worked like a charm, I've been fighting with this for over a year. Thanks!.

Jim Wilson says:

I'm hoping this can fix my flickering dome lights. Anyone know? Askmyautomechanic

David Gillen says:

My light never came on till i had my rear end replaced

Seth Sanchez says:

big thumbs up. ty. how the heck did you know which resistor it was? by following the traces? microscope?

Wander Dias says:

Perfect job!! Thank you so much!!! Fix my problem!! Very intelligent

Dylan Howard says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video! Worked perfectly for me. I did pop off one needle like you did, they took more force to remove than I anticipated.

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