How to install the Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 on a Ford F250

How to install the Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 on a Ford F250

How to install the Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 on a Ford F250



Andrew Gomez says:

great video!

Turk says:

Can this kit be used with a fifth wheel application? I have a 1996 F250 P/U 4×4 8" bed

Bill Billy says:

I just ordered this kit for my 06 f350. Did yours come with the air line tee fitting?

abarronboy says:

Thanks for the video was it as easy as you made it look?

Brett Sifford says:

id be replacing those crusty shocks before worrying about putting air bags on that truck

Stacy Smith says:

I'm installing an air compressor on my truck. Can these bags be installed with a leveler on each axle to make a "pseudoindependent suspension"?

I coined that last term myself, it sounded more technical than "REDNECK independent suspension"!

Joseph Keller says:

Could you offer a link to product please? I've got an f250 2007 and Amazon says it won't fit my truck (not that that's always the truth). Or maybe the product model number. Thanks!

buzzsaw301 says:

I've thought about doing this, is it a nicer ride when your not weighted?

Kael Short says:

Are you worried at all about the exhaust by the air bags? also any idea what size spacers are under the old bump spot, i bought some bags used and they never came with the spacer

Rodolfo Navarro says:

cuanto cuesta para una ram 4000. y de que tamaño o capacidad debe cer agradesco mucho su información

Rodolfo Navarro says:

Hola un saludo desde tomatlan Jalisco México en la costa norte de Jalisco mi pregunta es enque lugar compro e instalan estos equipos de suspencion grccs

Trent Tankersley says:

Are you not concerned that under a load body roll will increase because the T-Fitting will allow air to move freely between the bags? It seems like in a left turn the right side will have more pressure and force air into the other side causing more roll.

CaideN says:

Hi. What size are the hoses and what size was the T fitting? Did you cut both hoses equal length before connecting to the fitting? Thanks

detailmaniac says:

Down the road you should make a video on replacing the shocks on an f250! , great video

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