How To Install Replace Turn Signal Switch 2004-008 Ford F150

How To Install Replace Turn Signal Switch 2004-008 Ford F150
1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, damaged, faded, worn or faulty turn signal stalk, high beam and wiper switch. This video is applicable to the 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 Ford F150.

🔧 Instructions:

1. Disconnecting the Battery 0:46
2. Removing the Air Bag Fuse 1:04
3. Removing the Air Bag Assembly 1:41
4. Removing the Steering Wheel 2:48
5. Removing the Turn Signal Switch 3:33
6. Installing the Signal Switch 5:03
7. Installing the Steering Wheel 6:57
8. Installing the Air Bag Assembly 7:18
9. Installing the Air Bag Fuse 8:03
10. Connecting the Battery 8:27

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Aaron T. Nelson says:

Totally awesome video!!!!

dvillarreal6289 says:

Thanks for the video! I did snap one of the retaining clips but it all worked out. I opted (stupidly) to buy the motorcraft part from my dealership. If it’s any consolation, I got screwed for almost double of what your company would have charged me. Lesson learned. I will buy from you next time. Thanks again!

Ryan Kincaid says:

I have an 06 Expedition. The switch on my vehicle "works" but it has no retention or "springiness" When I turn on my brights. it doesn't click and the arm can swing back and forth freely. It swings so much that often, the brights will be engaged when I use the turn signals. Should I replace the switch or is there a spring or clip that I can get to fix the issue?

lenyn cristobal says:

Hello what type of 2 jaw puller do i need to use what size of thread is it and where can i buy it?

Dave Unik says:

From Bill Garghill, do you have to remove the steering wheel on a 2007 FX2 Sport tor replace the switch?

Jesus Cordova says:

Extremly helpful

Sherrie McNutt says:

I have a 2007 Expedition. Neither the wipers or the wiper fluid pump operate. Fuse is good. I'm thinking its the switch in the turn signal. What part do I need to order and will the Mountanier video apply?

Melquan Green says:

I have a 08 F150 LARIAT I called the Ford dealership about the spring that's mentioned at 5:12 of the video and the guy said he never heard of it in the 30 years he's been working for Ford, I told him about the video and he said that I can bypass it or it should come with it

rbm11761 says:

Will this work for a 2004 Ford expedition?

Euro Pat says:

Great Video, The Part was great too! Well done! 2008 F150

Dale Nolden says:

Good video, thanks for making it so easy.

Marco Bravo says:

excellent video, just switched out the turn signal today Thanks

Butch Good says:

What size wheel puller?

alejandro Lopez says:

gracias muy bien el video me ayudo en mucho gracias

Donavan Mahan says:

Thanks for the video!!!!  I recently ordered my switch and did the install today.  Mine is an '08 so some of the wiring was a little different from the video but the meat of it was definitely there and I received the right part.  Video made my life a lot easier and let me hang on to little bit of my money.  I will definitely be using you guys again.

TheRealDJOsk says:

Is it possible to remove only the plastic surrounding the switch, and not have to remove the steering wheel?

Michael Padilla says:

Ok I need some help…my right turn signal on the dash doesn't light up but I can hear the noise that it's blinking fast. I changed the signal bulb and put a new fuse and it still doesn't work. However, when I put the hazard lights on it works fine (light on dash and the signal blinking outside the car). Could it be the turn signal switch?

ramirezomar90 says:

can this be done without removing the airbag and steering wheel????????

ibajs2 says:

Just finished this job. I took my time and it took about an hour since it was my first time through. My 2006 was similar although the connections on the switch were slightly different, it was still nearly identical. I didn't have a spring in the switch although the switch and mounting bracket had 'nibs' for a spring to centre on. I don't know if I ever had a spring but I could find none that fell out and there was none in the old one. The new switch operates as the old one…minus the glitch it on the right turn signal…so I think all is good. Great video which I followed step by step using an iPad in my truck as I worked. I did not have or need a wheel puller…just give the wheel a good yank at top, bottom,right,left and repeat until loose, it won't take long.

John Berry says:

This was an awesome video that saved me hundreds$$$ Woohoo! Just a quick suggestion though to put some tape around the driver and the 8mm screw when putting the airbag back into place. The screws fell inside the wheel and behind the airbag unit for me, so putting a little piece of electrical tape helped.

Jimmy Turner says:

What if I lost the spring . . .

Eduardo Gallardo says:

Thanks 1A Auto Parts! Just replaced the turn signal lever on my 06' F150. This video guided me through the entire way! Excellent! It's only fair to buy parts from 1A Auto after they share their knowledge and experience to help people out! Thumbs up!

Frantick Fpv says:

Dammit! Pulled everything off until I needed the T50 torx bit and 2 jaw puller.. LOL Thanks 4 posting this video

tony erjavec says:

I have a 2008 E150. Would this solve the issue of my blinker not canceling?

James Bannerman says:

As always gentlemen, great video.

thetexasgreek says:

Thank you very much for making & posting this video. Only drawback is I had never used a 2-jaw puller and didn't know what one was. Took a trip to the hardware store & then to the auto parts store to get the right one & then figure out how to use it. The first two wiring harness clips were a little tricky, and my turn signal switch wiring harness configuration was a little different but matched my 2006 F150. Couldn't have done it without you though.Thanks again!

Diane Adams says:

Have a 2002 Navigator. While driving the radio turns off and the wipers go then radio back on. How do I change the wiring harness? I think wires are melted together.

Brute 1985 says:

is the steering wheel removal required?

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