How to Install Putco Luminix Ford LED Emblem on a Ford F-150

How to Install Putco Luminix Ford LED Emblem on a Ford F-150

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J Maier says:

Pricey and after seeing what you need to go through, I changed my mind. But it is very cool.

Rob Brown says:

188 bucks are they gold plated leds behind that acrylic

Joe Crak says:

wish they made this emblem for the taurus front n rear

ModFusion says:

Thanks for the video, very detailed on how to remove the grille and replace the emblem.

Dinesh Jayawardena says:

Very detailed video. thank you. even though I don’t have same year and model how precisely you describe your steps separate your video from the rest. Continue to produce more video people like us can get benefit from your expertise.

Can you please give little bit more detail how electric wiring works, where should I connect emblem wiring to?? And how it works when turning ignition switch on. I have a 08F150. Thank you again

Emerio Cruz says:

That light never turn off?

M T says:

7:17 Deez nuts… LOL

alex gruber says:

Will this fit the front of a 2019 ford ranger ?

The Car Crazy Guy says:

All you have to do is remove the latch and you can reach the back of the emblem.

Joe Grind says:

The first time I saw this video, I did not get half way through it before I thought, "NOPE!" But I really liked the emblem and thought it would look cool on my 2020 Lariat. So decided to watch the video over and over again until the steps seemed less intimidating and started making sense. Pretty soon I started seeing the steps in my head. The instructions are pretty thorough and the install was easier than I initially thought. The one thing I wished he had mentioned is that you will need to cut a notch in the underside of the fuse box lid. Otherwise you will end up pinching the cable when you put the lid on. Other than that, this is an excellent video and I could not be happier with how it looks. Thank you!

Justin says:

I just hooked a chain onto my grill and wrapped the other end around a street light and threw it into reverse. A lot quicker method. Did cost me a lil more in the long run than I wanted to spend but job complete!

loganbaileysfunwithtrains says:

Thanks for the tutorial, luckily on my 2017 f-150 you don’t need to pull the whole grille assembly off I was able to reach in from the front and do the install

Rad Ghorabi says:

Way too much work

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