How to Install an Android Double Din Head Unit in a Ford Ranger

How to Install an Android Double Din Head Unit in a Ford Ranger

Video tutorial on how to install and custom fit this double din head unit in a Ford Ranger. The same procedure can also be used on the Mazda B series trucks from the same generation. The head unit I am using is a Pumpkin double din 7 inch touchscreen with an Android 8.0 interface that also has gps navigation, bluetooth, wifi, and a back up camera. Therefore this tutorial will also include how to install the gps antenna, bluetooth microphone, wifi antenna and back up camera.

Head unit link:

Google Plus:

Tools/Supplies Needed:
-soldering iron & solder
-wire cutters/strippers
-head unit
-rotary tool with cutting attachments
-plastic adhesive
-socket and screwdriver set
-butyl tape
-split loop casing
-electrical tape
-work light
-cable ties
-heat shrink

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michael estes says:

Where could I find the plug and play harness. I have a 97 Ranger

Jason B says:

I got more out of this video than the many I have seen over the last couple of days. Your work and instructions are on a professional level not seen on many videos. I wanted to know how to do it right in my B4000, and you nailed it.
And that unit is exactly what I want. Android, Navi, backup, WiFi, a very good price. I don't care about a CD/DVD player in my truck.
Thank you for showing me how the Pros to it.

Lena says:

It's so professional!

miker0257 says:

This was a great video with plenty of details. Thank you

Joseph Hutzler says:

Your preparation and video are very well done, your accuracy is respected.

FluffyMagmaFace says:

Link to the plug and play harness?!?!?!

jefferson campos says:

I cant seem to get the GPS to work without wifi. Any ideas?

Aric Vogel says:

Wow, great work, very nice looking result. I'm not sure how I feel about touch stereos myself, they seem really useful but at the same time I'm worried about quality, and how distracting it could be compared to a much simpler factory radio. I'm curious if you've personally found it to be more distracting while driving, or if it's actually not that big a deal?

Western Spy says:

Absolutely brilliant! Will follow this for my next project! Many thanks!!

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