How to: Fix creaks & knocks in steering by regreasing shaft (Ford Mondeo Mk3)

How to: Fix creaks & knocks in steering by regreasing shaft (Ford Mondeo Mk3)

Easy DIY: Re-lubricate your steering shaft length compensator to fix creaking, knocking, or cracking that can be felt from the steering wheel during load changes.

You will need:
* Pozidriv screwdriver
* 10 mm socket and ratchet
* Brake clean
* Silicone grease. Amazon US: | UK:
* 70 mm spacer (may not be required on later year vehicles)
* Either replacement bolt (Ford # 6634708) or threadlocker (shown: Loctite 243). Amazon US: | UK:
* Rags
* Work lighting

Ford TSB No. 43/2001 summary quote:
“Should a customer express concern over creaking and knocking which can be felt, and sometimes heard, from the steering wheel during load changes especially at low ambient temperatures and after short term parking of the vehicle, the probable cause is too much friction in the steering shaft length compensator and the steering shaft is incorrectly adjusted. To rectify the concern, the steering shaft should be loosened and the steering shaft bush lubricated with silicone grease. When the steering shaft is installed, the installation dimension of 70 mm for the length compensator must be maintained.”

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Craig's DIY Car says:

Amazon links to relevant products (from the description):
* Silicone grease – Amazon US: | UK:
* Threadlocker – Amazon US: | UK:

Rambo Singh says:

Great video .. would have been 5*+ if you showed the noice the car was making at the beginning

Ben Lomax says:

Ive got a fiesta with a noise that sounded like the plastic cowling around the steering wheel was rubbing on the steering wheel but only at low speeds, when parking etc. Is this the a similar noise you had on the mondeo?

Also does anyone know if the 70mm spacing would be the same on the Fiesta?

philip dias says:

Threadlock on the bolts…

Sue Brown says:

Excellent easy to follow video. Thank you.

dannymalacara says:

Great video
Had a grinding noise on my 2018 jeep compass coming from the steering wheel when making turns
Two different dealerships couldn't find the issues I grease the steering column after watching this video and problem was solved

Rajitha Seneviratne says:

This is mighty useful.

louis defunes says:

Wauw, you have every part of this car in your head/brain's . You love this car, that's for shure! Great tips,always. But for the engine; the easiest and most effective maintenance is just drive some hours on a motorway/highway, maybe 120>150 km/h (or faster), i believe. To "wake-up" the engine.

All fluids(motoroil,coolant ,brake and steering fluid, fuel) has to be enough of course…

Not only driving in a city/village at slow speed and low rpm; this kind of car is more for the motorway

Mr CoCo says:

Loud creaks like a door are going to come from a gear area like the rack and pinion, not elbows. I was once able to poke a hole in the rubber boots on each end (not "either" end, wise guys), and spray white silicon spray, like the whole can, I unloaded fury on this embarrassing piece of garbage they put in the Ford Sport Trac, and it was so quiet that I could sneak up on people. 6 months later after some weather change, it all came back, Louder. Argggg!!!

Lesley avery says:

One of the best explained I have seen well done and thank you for sharing

Kev kevo says:

What type of silcone did you ther a specific type ..or can one use copper grease..or axle grease etc..many thx..great vid.

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