Here's How To Change or Replace Your Halogen Headlights on the Ford F-250!

Here's How To Change or Replace Your Halogen Headlights on the Ford F-250!

( ) The 2020 Ford F-250 XLT comes stock with halogen headlamp bulbs – here is how to change or replace them if one burns out or you want to upgrade!

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EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 says:

I like this new guy

MR GM says:

Why wouldn’t you just go Led for that price ?

Timothy Yates says:

That's an interesting video, thanks for taking the time to show how the grill comes off. I been thinking about getting an illuminated FORD emblem for the front grill on my 2020. As for the headlight swap I think I'll try the fender well method as mentioned below. To bad you didn't install LED bulbs, that's what I was hoping for when I found this video. Do another video using the fender well route and switch to LED. Thanks again for taking the time to produce the video.

atvtinker01 says:

Passenger side can be replaced without removing anything. All you have to remove is the air box on the driver's side which takes all of one minute to do. This guy took the absolute longest way to do this project.

nicholas harlan says:

all that just to get to the head light bulbs.. i want my 97 back,, lol

Stuart Hoffman says:

Are you kidding me Ford!!
All that work to change a headlight bulb!!

Kai says:

Come on now Halogen bulbs replaced by halogen bulbs? If I had my new 2020 F350 I would replace the headlight bulbs and fog lights with fanless LED bulbs from Amazon or Ebay.

Dan Stennis says:

So…do you reccomend this mod or not?

HereFishyFishy says:

There HAS to be an easier way than to disassemble the entire front end of the truck.

John Connors says:

Point of this video make sure you check the 1800.00 hid box when ordering a ford super duty or get the platinum or Limited trim when ordering . Nice video though !

ninioburbuja says:

Partner with Headlights Revolution, they are the experts…

Buell1906 says:

That is to much work / effort to change a light bulb. And all that plastic — call me old fashion but I don't like it.

StoneysWorkshop says:

everyone saying go through wheel well, somewhere around 8:50 looks like no access

Kevin Williamson says:

Who is this guy? Does TFL know he is messing with their truck? Seems like she is just shooting in the dark. Title should be "how not to change headlight bulbs" Should have saved the $120 for a tank of gas.

DATDesign says:

Should have Plastidipped that giant grille while it was removed. Vinyl wrap the front bumper and boom, that much closer to looking like a Tremor. Also, Lamin-X the headlights in light smoke.

Taka Yama says:

This “music” gets on nerves.

Taka Yama says:

Wait. All that just to replace bulbs?! This kind of thing is making me not like this F250. New bulbs useless as tits on a boar hog.

CiTY_HuNTeR says:

ZXE is way out-dated with short life. A waste of money and waste of time. Done that my self, then get LED and never look back. There's plenty of the 9008/H13 LED out there.
Although I haven't done anything on the F250, at 5:24 I see there are 2 screws holding down the headlight unit. There probably has another one on the bottom where you should be able to reach from the top, given the way my F150 works. after removing them you should be able to pull the headlight unit out and replace the bulb, at least thats how F150 works.

Pete Perchulyn says:

Since your upgrading the bulbs why didn’t you go with LED bulbs they would have done a much better job

Lei Zhang says:

It was whole lot pain when I was installing my anzo after market headlight assembly on my 16' f150. then I changed to new LED bulbs a week after, same process I did twice for taking everything off, and put everything back on, I hate how ford design it, and those cheap plastic parts…

Michael Scott says:

This is the hard way to install a inferior bulb. Congratulations. You'll be doing it again from the fender well in a quarter of the time with real bulbs.

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