Full-Length Repair – Ford F150 Four Wheel Drive 4WD 4X4 Vacuum Hub Actuator – IWE

Full-Length Repair – Ford F150 Four Wheel Drive 4WD 4X4 Vacuum Hub Actuator  – IWE

The integrated wheel end, IWE, is known to make a clicking/ratcheting sound when they begin to fail. This is due to a leak causing a vacuum loss at the actuator. In this video, we teach you how to check it and replace it step by step, with torque specs! Enjoy!



Nathan Ceschi says:

No need to pull the caliper and rotor. Just did two of these for a customer. 15 minutes a side.

Esteban Garcia says:

I have a 2017 F150 FX4 and I had my truck jacked up to check tie rods. I spun the front wheel and saw the front drive shaft spinning. Is that supposed to be like that? The transmission is in 2wd. I tried spinning the drive shaft by hand and it’s locked as if it’s stuck in 4wd

Meat Popsicle says:

What about a loud clunky noise when in 4wd and increases and decreases with speed?

Admiral Airsoft says:

You didn't fix the root cause of the problem. You just replaced the damaged component. I was hoping you'd have a link or part number available for the vacuum line that operates the 4×4 hubs. The check valves inside fail and render it useless.

Dana Mesarchik says:

Thanks for the great Video. Really helps us that don]t wrench everyday

Andy Smith Collectibles says:

Great video, trying to get my 2013 F-150 fixed and this made it so easy!

miah collins says:

Definitely a great video great presentation straight to the point and explain of how it works

Huntersrq says:

I’d like to see a video on replacing wheel studs, I’m adding longer studs for spacers.

Max kellen says:

Hey if I JUST UNPLUG THE LINE AND ZIP TIE IT, is that really ok to drive around like that? Does that mean the truck will always be engaged in 4wd?

Sr. Mitchell says:

When testing the IWE for vacuum, there's no need to put the small vacuum line on. That is just a vent.

NG Ware says:

Just finished this job. Watched your video several times through. Then took the IPad to the back yard and double checked as I went on a few points. Hands down the best how to video I have seen. And I’m not a youngster. No unnecessary chatter. Great work flow. And everything worked exactly as you said. Great job. Thank you.

Tim Whitfield says:

Thank you Mike.
Would you think a front end alignment would be required afterwards?

Jake Coker says:

If you are hearing the noise coming from the front in both 2wd and 4wd, is it still a iwe problem?

Cesar Abraham says:

Excellent! My dad has a 2014 FX 4 with 198K miles and was making noise, intermittent , Thank you very much

Joel Schmit says:

I have a slightest grind when engaging 4wd ? About 800 miles after replacing IWE'S? Any ideas?

roxanne neuman says:

What year models have the hub actuator

Colin says:

Might as well throw in a leveling kit while I’ve got it that far apart?

Dustin Descalchuk says:

I’ve personally had more fail when adding grease. If the engineers wanted that much grease it would of come that way. I install these with what is supplied on it and have had no issues

Bryan McCallum says:

I have 1996 Ford ranger XL 4 wheel drive with self locking hubs.5 speed manual transmission, I hit a puddle of water at 60 Miles an hour and it was in 2 wheel drive and some how got a grinding sound and vibration. I took off the rear drive shaft . That was a problem but I still have a vibration and grinding sound. I put in 4 wheel drive and truck will not move. People telling me it's front axel this is driving me crazy both front and back drive shafts are both off. I start the truck put it in 1st. Gear with my hand on the 4 WHEEL drive shifter and feel a vibration. Where is my problem? Is it the transfer case??

Mick theDAWG says:

And I was going to take it in! Thank you so very very much!

Christopher Smith says:

So mine still makes a clicking noice . Even when in 4 wheel drive so is it still the iwe need replaced

Rob Good says:

Perfect. Thank you. I also noticed a change in my avg fuel economy when I started getting the intermittent grinding sound.

Rigo Davila says:

60,000 miles on my 2019 and I got it toooo

Craigular says:

So I have a 2016 Ford F-150 2.7L ecoboost Lariat, and it only have 40K+ miles on it, and I am hearing a humming noise, not a grinding sound. I hear it on the driver's side on and off when I am driving at low speeds and turning the wheel. It seems to happen more when it's cold outside. Some days the sound is consistent for a while as I drive through some roads with many stop lights, and again only happens at slow speeds. Never on highways. I read some blogs about that problem and wanted to get your take.

Old Arrow Calisthenics says:

That was a slick tutorial

rossacampora says:

Do you think I should just replace the hubs as well if you already have it broken down that far?

Carson C says:

My driver's side IWE was doing the same thing. The mechanic replaced it (gears were chewed up) but I still have the same problem with the new IWE. Must be an intermittent vacuum problem? It only happens on the driver's side and I think the driver's side IWE is in "series" with the passenger side IWE and last in line. So I think I have enough vacuum for the first IWE but not the second IWE? Anyone experience this? New vacuum pump? Broken vacuum line?

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