Ford Focus mk2 Front Spring Replacement (How To)

Ford Focus mk2 Front Spring Replacement (How To)

So the focus is due an MOT in a couple weeks and i knew the spring was broken so today i changed it! Did it in a bit more detail though! Enjoy.

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Buff Barnaby says:

Jesus Christ…the rust there !

Meat Free says:

Do both sides.

Access_Reality_ Truth says:

Hi after watching your video, I decided to venture and change both front springs of my Berlingo as both are slightly broken at the ends. However during the process of

replacing the front left spring coil and while removing it the hub pulled the driveshaft out a little bit and oil started to leak from the gearbox I lost about a Litre I think. I pushed the driveshaft back in which stopped the oil(or so i though) coming out from the gearbox where the shaft goes in. Any advice I would greatly appreciate. Many Thanks.

Access_Reality_ Truth says:

Great Video.Thanks for posting.

Sam says:

12:48 Tf you pointing it over here for? do you want me to die?

Sean Wozencroft says:

I've just done the exact same job on my focus. But I replaced everything wishbone drop link damper damper spring and topmount plus bearings.
Now I got a horrible springy boingy sound when turning.

SmokinSlo says:

You mentioned the tab on the strut bearing that should line up with the end of the spring nice one, hardly anyone mentions or knows about that =b

Patrick Ryan says:

You cleverly edited out what a bollox it is getting the hub onto the shock.!!

Charlie G says:

how ridiculous is this, just failed my MOT, front passenger side coil spring broken and one water jet broken, been quoted 2x £160 for both front coils and £60 to replace water jet, Arnold Shark! £380. Gonna do it myself, £23.99 for water jet and £33 for a pair of springs with discount code, whole job done myself for £57. Video has helped thanks alot!

Michael underwood says:

My cars failed an mot because of the coil spring need to know the price of possible

Warren Duncan says:

Brilliant video, we’ve all missed the odd dust cover

sjjlp says:

Nice video only 1thing ,the strut needs to b timed,because the top bearing is at a angle,that little pin that u described is 1 of the timing marks the other is the wee tab just at the bottom of the spring , some top plates also have a mark on them to line it up, this lines the slope on the bearing in a neutral position , without doing this the steering will do all sorts of strange things ,just as a note a mondeos hase 4 timing marks on it strut components .

Es3GangS3 says:

Next time take the abs conector off other way u can broke that with hammer

12ossco says:

got my focus Lowered on Eibachs but the front Left is sitting higher then the right , anybody know why ??

Nathan Hartley says:

Thank you, I've the same problem with my Focus that side too! Is it a design fault that the passenger side wears before the drivers side?? I had a look at mine today planning ahead, I'm glad you showed how to get the cover off and access to the 3 top strut mounting bolts.

Ashleigh Thain says:

Are you from Norfolk? as am I if so! 😀


I love your safety boots .

Oil Burner says:

Brilliant video, after watching a couple of the garage videos I had more or less given up on doing the job. Watched this video and it all clicked into place, I really didn't need to remove the wipers to replace the springs! Job now done, many thanks Savage Garage!

Craig Young says:

Superb video. Doing both springs and top mounts/bearings on my ST tomorrow

Daniel Roberts says:

Great that you left in the broken bearings etc. It happens!

Dust cover… doh!

romain Jussieu says:

good job , from france

Steve Hedger says:

thanks for good vid on strut just all vids every one take the pinch bolt out 15mm mine tight as hell rounded bolt and having to drill out all day just to remove

Chris Bailey says:

Good vid, I did same job on sisters Focus, but I replaced both sides, good practice to replace suspension components in pair, just like brake components.

sten house says:

Currently working on a c max and it's been a total pain in the arse . The 15mm is more like 14.5mm so even with a good quality 6 sided socket it rounded .a 9" grinder was employed to remove the drop link but still having no luck with the pinch bolts

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