Ford A/C Quick Tips #7: How To Quickly Diagnose A/C Concerns

Ford A/C Quick Tips #7: How To Quickly Diagnose A/C Concerns

These are the basic tools needed to complete these checks:
Basic manifold Gauge Set-
Forscan Software-
ELM327 OBD II Adapter-
In this video we go through some quick diagnostic steps to see why your a/c compressor is not coming on.
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Isaias Rodriguez says:

Hello, my 2016 f160 A/C was blowing hard and now fan is at max speed and blowing like half of what it used to. What is wrong with my truck's A/C?

Mike Duffey says:

What could it be on a 2012 ford e350 ac is cold when i drive but warm at idle

Stan Rodgers says:

The low pressure protection circuit is for more than just the oil. Refrigerant helps dissipate heat form the compressor. Running without refrigerant will overheat the compressor. That would be like blocking the airflow across your radiator, the engine would seize up even with plenty of oil.

Adam Wynne says:

How do you check to see if the a/c clutch is bad?

Brad ******* says:

Well Done video. The PCM is no longer my adversary, Its my buddy. We used Forscan on a 2010 Crown Vic and determined short in clutch relay circuit, With help from a wiring diagram found pin number at pcm and color wire. We continuity tested wires to find break and spliced in a new wire. A/C cold ! Accessing the PCM can be intimidating at first. Patience and lots of Google..

The Unguided says:

When I would turn my ac on, it would make a loud rattling noise. It only got cold when I’d get up to speed. After a month, the noise finally stopped, but now the ac stays hot. It’ll never get cold. It’s so miserable in this Texas heat…

Dave says:

What scan tool are you using?

Richard Robinson says:

Would've been nice to use Forscan, but my truck is an '08. Not an '09 or newer. My A/C quit working a couple days ago, and I can't figure it out.

jamcamgym says:

What if the clutch is latching in when you turn it on but it is blowing hot air? I tried charging it and it shows fully charged but still blows hot. Anyone knows the problem? Do I need a new AC compressor ‽

Mr D says:

My AC starts fine. Then it goes warm. I turn off ac the back on either by ac switch or by fan switch. Ac gets cold again for a while. Then I have to do it all over again.

arthur pereira says:

What if it is at the maximum

Shaun Adams says:

I got one for you. 2005 Ford expedition new compressor and service. Relay is good. PCM control side of relay when reads 12.4 volts. Tested pin 18 on C175B and same reading with relay out and both pressure switched plugged and unplugged. PCM said AC Command is ok

richardwernst says:

Great, thanks! 1996 Ford Ranger 4.0 liter engine, is there a way to just test the clutch itself via powering the two(?) wire connector on the compressor? + or – to which? Thanks.

Fa Arguello says:

So if my thermostat is failing could that be a reason it’s not engaging?

Juan cruz says:

Hey, Bro. I have a 2008 F350 super Duty the Ac compressor clutch don't engage and keep blown the fuse, I believe could be the coil? My scanner doesn't test that, any subjection?

Steinhauer says:

Outstanding video! Already knowing my freon was okay and suspecting an electrical issue, I just ordered a cable for FORScan. I was about ready to resign myself to taking it in to get looked at, and now I'm excited to be able to sort it out myself. Thanks!

Bobby Hempel says:

I have a 2010 f150 the compressor kicks on but only for a few seconds at a time and every few seconds it's definitely putting a bond on my electrical system because my lights done when it kicks on I'm getting no cooling I don't know if the issue is.

Mypony 73 says:

Well put man. Easy to understand

David Heigel says:

I forgot to add that it is a 2004 focus

David Heigel says:

Why doesn't my light come on inside when I press ac , ac is not working, has new compressor and supposedly the system was filled

Jesus is Lord Almighty says:

Hey bro my 2k6 expedition rear ac turns on but does not blow through air ducts… could you help me out???

Son Nicolabo says:

Hi bro, really fan of your channel, just want to ask where is the loacation of Ford Expidition 2007 AC pressure switch? Thanks

TotallyNuss says:

Very helpful vid. Problem is these PIDs aren't the same on Forscan. Any idea what these four PIDs are in Forscan? 2015 Explorer

Fabrice JEHL says:

Hi!. Is it normal that when a/c is turned on that the cluch goes engages/disengage or it has to be stady engage??

Jose Soto says:

My 01 ford ranger wen i turn on the ac the cluctch goes on and off repeatedly and my air is warm

Lil Pyro says:

Can someone suggest what it could be?

Lil Pyro says:

My blower motor is fluctuating almost like if someone was adjusting the speed/intensity via the driver control knob randomly It tends to do that when it’s a hot day.

aim jo channel says:

what is the problem that happened to my ford kuga 1.6 car, the aircond pipe is so cool and the aircond is sometimes cold sometimes not cold ?? hope you can help my problem

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