Ford 4.2 L Camshaft Position Synchronizer Replacement HOW TO

Ford 4.2 L Camshaft Position Synchronizer Replacement HOW TO

Quick How To on installing cam synchronizer on Ford engines including 5.0, 4.2, and 3.8 L.

This was performed on a 1997 F150 but will be very similar on Rangers, Mustangs, Freestar, Windstar, Explorer, Taurus, etc.

Get the special tool, you will want it!
OTC 6469 Install Tool
Camshaft Synchronizer

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Marc Stecker says:

Excellent detailed explanation supporting a good, clear video. Great job!

Gabe Noria says:

You should blow your nose before making any video

Jesus Cortes says:

Buenas tardes disculpe para sincronizar un cougar xr7 3.8 son las mismas marcas? no encuentro información en México gracias!!

Mark Russo says:

Do you have a video of that motor fixing the timing cover seal??

Victor hg says:

Thanks for the video i will buy the tool and doit on my own. Because my truck is been on 3 different mechanic shops and they haven't do anything

Aldo Mayorga says:

Cannot for the life of me get the gears to mesh when I put the synchronizer in on my 98 4.0 ranger cant get my hand in there enough to rotate it in

Everything Maintenance says:

Blow your nose lol

Rosario Sandoval says:

Very good information , and video ,thanks

Anthony Falante says:

Don't forget to lube it with clean engine oil or assembly lube

Anthony Falante says:

How do you install it if there is no marks on it or on timing cover? Starting from zero?

Pablo Martinez says:

Excelent video thanks for your help I have 27 year working mechanic and this is the first time what I need install this part and believe me I don’t have idea how instal this part so your video help me too much

J V says:

Do I need the tool just to replace the sensor by itself?


Ah man I removed the truck

cliftt says:

The special tool was included with my position sensor.

Dirk Lentfer says:

Thats what I be doing Wednesday …on my 03 Ford F160 4.2

Anything Views says:

I’m having a hard time removing the sensor it’s not budging loose upwards

Sam K says:

with that install tool is it real needed to find top dead center ? i have to replece mine on my 3.8L 2004 Mustang. thanks great video so helpful

Ah H says:

Great vid. Helped a lot. Thank you!!

Jared Baskeyfield says:

Thanks helped me out I was able to pull it with out pulling the intake. EGR was a must though

BlueOval O'Dell says:

Awesome video. Thank you


Hey thanks
For this!!! I watched scanner Danner install one without the tool and I was like there has to be a better way!

May day says:

Actually, you need to install the tool before marking it and removing the part, for acute installation. If you remove it then install the tool, it will be slightly off, hence defeating the purpose using the tool.

metalmaniaxx says:

Hi,do you have a video on how to remove the timing cover for this exact engine? I'm stuck at this stage.thanks

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