DIY How to Remove Replace Mass Air Flow (2004-2011 Ford Explorer Ranger)

DIY How to Remove Replace Mass Air Flow (2004-2011 Ford Explorer Ranger)

DIY HOW TO PULL YOUR OWN PARTS AT A SALVAGE YARD AND SAVE MONEY while keeping your vehicle on the road! How to remove/replace the MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR from a 2004-2011 Ford Explorer or Ranger SOHC Motor. This process is the same on the list of Ford vehicles listed below as well as the tools needed and instructional steps.

All vehicles equipped with the 4.0 V6 SOHC Engine:
 2004-2010 Ford Explorer
 2004-2011 Ford Ranger

T20 Torx bit
¼ ratchet or driver
¼ extension

QUICK PULL TIP: Keep the small stainless steel torx screws

1. Pull out on the red safety tab on the main plug.
2. Push down on the top edge of the main plug and gently pull on the plug to remove.
3. Remove the 2 T20 torx screws and keep them with the part.
4. Pull the sensor out straight out.

REPLACE: Follow the steps above in reverse.

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I have a serious problem man, please help me if possible. I have a 1984 cutlass supreme. I recently had the original engine v6 but one of the Pistons went bad so I did a swap and found a 305 0r 350 v8. I don't know where the engine came from because I bought a 1978 caprice and swapped engines. Junked the caprice and kept the v8 for my cutlass. I bought a distributor brand new with points had it installed. But now here's the problem. My cutlass will tend to slowly turn off after a warm up in the morning. I'll let it sit for 5 minutes and it will completely turn off. It won't stay on by itself. The other problem is my carburetor valve stays closed, it's a 4 barrel carburetor. I'm not sure if it's the carburetor that's making my cutlass turn off or its both the carburetor and the distributor. Please help me.

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