Breaking News: Ford Screws Up Big Time

Breaking News: Ford Screws Up Big Time

Breaking News: Ford Screws Up Big Time, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Ford Explorer SUV recall for 1.2 million vehicles. Ford has issued a recall for 2011-2017 Ford Explorers due to suspension problems becoming a safety issue. Are Fords still reliable? Is it worth buying a Ford Explorer? Ford Explorer review. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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Corey Drums says:

Daaaaang!!! I love the new motion logo!!!!

Jarrell Daniel says:

Motorkote in a 2010 Corolla is it feasable?

B. Mc C. says:

Scotty has officially became The National Master Mechanic of the USA….congratulations Scotty and happy Father's day 2 u

Leidulf øverlid says:

The tach and sound in your intro is not in sync.

jon mccormick says:

Ford Explorer: 1 issue from one person off-roading it somewhat. =Most likely very few issues for most people.

Aleksandar Cupkovic says:

Horse owl cat ! Xaxaxaxaa

007 says:

Ford is stupid. They have all of the resources to play with their numbers and still be successful but yet they look for higher profits. Do any of them know they can't take the money with them?

johnpro2 says:

3:15 the praying bit it necessary and does it work ?

Joe Casson says:

I bought a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado with a 4.3L V6. It never got better than 8.5 MPG. Everything computer related was screwed up on this truck and I couldn't get any dealer to fix anything on it.
Gas Mileage… 8.5
ABS… whined and chattered in the front… tires would lock up and slide in fine gravel or on wet pavement until the ABS "faulted out" and turned off.
Cruise Control… set at 65… would ramp up to 90, down to 45 or 50 back up to 80, down to 55, up to 70 or 75, down to 60, up to 65… and then it would repeat…. it was completely unusable.
Anyway, I had it for two years… I had loaners most of that time. I put 7700 miles on it and over 20,000 on loaners. GM wouldn't support the truck, no dealer would fix anything. I'd take it to a dealer and they'd say they couldn't do anything about any of the 17 problems unless they had a service bulletin documenting it as a known problem. Many times I'd pick up my truck and it would be parked in the same place where I left it. Other times, it might have 0.4 miles put on it. The first time I took it in, they put 2 miles on it because they had me ride along with the mechanic. The roads were wet from rain that just ended, he took a 100 feet to stop from 30MPH and the tires locked up and slid.. he said that was normal. As for the 8.5 MPG, he said "this engine is undersized for this vehicle"… I said, I didn't design the truck. I got the runaround from four different dealers and from GM… I finally gave up the fight and traded it for a 2013 F150. 150,000 miles later, not a single problem.

Vinny C. says:

Awesome new intro!!!

J H says:


A Stanton1966 says:

In my opinion, Ford quality took a nosedive when they started putting plastic oil and transmission pans on their Mustang GT's, Raptors, and Shelbys.  I understand that they went back to metal ones on the Raptor due to leaks.  People say, the plastic was a weigh reduction attempt.  However, I don't see any difference in weight between the plastic and aluminum.

Marcelino Ponce says:

Scotty what so you think about a 2017 traverse with 16,000

Jags says:

The VSC Light has been on for a few months now and i can't seem to fix it what could be the problem? Toyota Sienna 2010

kisku hona says:

@scottyKilmer could you please advise on changan "CS95" SUV from chinese market available in dubai? did you make any test drive in america?

Curt Nicholson says:

Ya got a great laugh Scotty you should can it and put it on the auto parts stores shelves!

Nedal Rabadi says:

thanks scotty you are a decent man and we appreciate your videos

Cereal Man says:

But Ford Fuckus are the best cars.

Ben Jenkins says:

What can I do to make a 2000 Cadillac Eldorado perform better or at its peak?

Bad Dealer says:

This Is The Problem With The Stock Market. If Your Company Doesn’t Make A Higher Profit Than The Previous Year Its Like They Lost Money. This Is Why Every Company That Goes Public Will Start Making A Inferior Product With Each Year That Passes..

havoc 99 says:

nice quality control going way down to save money. something needs to change no wonder so many people are restoring older cars and trucks

sk king says:

Why the the hate for crypto

Useful Entertainment says:

WOW its the original Explorer all over again, surprised they didn't blame it on FIRESTONE

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